Youth Combat

Youth Martial Activities

As we celebrate 50 years of recreating the middles ages, we look to the Youth as part of our future.  The best way to keep the Youth interested is to include them and continue to make them feel a part of our great organization.  In this spirit, we will be offering  Youth Martial Activities specifically aimed for the young (under 18) students and apprentices in our organization.

Please contact the Youth Activities Coordinator ( with any ideas, offers to teach, or questions you may have. 

Youth Combat Information

50 Year will have Youth Combat. It is open to youths from ages 6-17. It will open to all youth regardless of if their home Kingdom has a youth program.

The Divisional Definitions :
Children's Boffer Division: Ages 6-9 (Division 1)
Youth Boffer Division: Ages 10-13 (Division 2)
Teen Boffer Division:Ages 14-17 (Division 3)
There will not be youth rattan, 16-18. As youth age 16 can now authorization for the adult list.  

We are exciting about the many different and unique combat activities planned for youth ranging from fun and silly to hands on training with the best fighters in the known world. There should be something that any Youth with an interest in martial should find engaging.

Please be sure to check the schedule. There is a lot take part in.

For youths to participate in the 50 year Youth Combat Program, a parent or legal guardian must accompany their child/youth to the field and complete the registration process.


Division 1 participants (by age) must be accompanied by an adult, age 18 or older, as designated by their parent/legal guardian, during Youth Combat sessions.

The parent/legal guardian would identify and introduce the responsible adult to the youth marshals in charge so that the Youth Marshals can confirm the parent-approved responsible adult designation and make sure that rapid contact information is documented on the youth combat sign-in forms; in addition, the Designated Responsible adult would be required to have the rapid contact information with them during the Youth Combat sessions. Parents would repeat the above procedure if they decide to appoint additional or different responsible adults during the course of 50 Year.

Division 2 participants under the age of 12 must be within voice range or in sight of a responsible adult or teenager (of at least 16 years of age) while participating in Youth Combat. This would encompass the area immediately surrounding the Youth List Field.  All Youth Combatants, and their responsible adult/teenager (as applicable), will sign in with us each session. Even if a Youth Combatant has attended the morning session, a separate sign-in will be necessary for the afternoon session.

The Youth Combat program will run on any day there is Adult Melee.

Sessions are scheduled from 8:00am - 10:30am & 3:00pm - 5:00pm daily; (most days) unless otherwise stated on the schedule.

A preliminary schedule will be on-line; we may need to change the times for our sessions if necessary to avoid conflicting with major battles.

We will have a limited number of tournaments at 50 year. Please check the on-line schedule.

• Authorized standards will be that of the Middle Kingdom.
• Weapons must meet the standards of the Midrealm.
• Those not authorized or without a program in their own Kingdom will be inspected to the standard of the Midrealm.

Additional Rules:
1)    No Large “war” shields will be proportional to the size of the fighters. Shields on any fighter shall not extend farther than from the knees of the combatant to the armpit of the combatant, and no wider than 24 inches.
2)    Shields must have soft edging around them to reduce the number of weapons failures. This can consist of either foam or hose (such as garden hose).

Weapon inspection checks:
Due to a high incidence of weapons failures due to improper construction of the weapons there will be mandatory inspections of all Div. 2 and 3 weapons. All “new” weapons will be required to be inspected in such a fashion. Gray duct tape will be provided to cover the slit made by the inspection.

Youth Combat Information - Marshal Handbook

Please refer the Midrealm marshal rules for youth on the link provided. The rules may have changed since you were last familiar with them. Please review the rules of the list.

Limited loaner armor and weapons will be available and shared amongst our participants. There is no certainty loaner gear will be available, but we will do our best.

We will hold at least one weapons making session to be announced during the week.

Authorizations will held on as a needed basis, they be based on the rules of the Middle Kingdom. All Youth, even those authorized may have a small sparring sessions with marshals, to ensure proper calibration of blows.

Please help keep our space and the site clear of bottles, trash and other debris.  Thanks!

If offering to teach please either email the information to me or complete the following:  TEACHING & VOLUNTEER FORM


Gebhard Rauten (Midrealm)
Gebhard Rauten
Gebhard has been involved in the Middle Kingdom for a number of years where he has continued in his martial endeavours.  He has been increasingly active in Youth Activities, passing along his enthusiasm to the youth of the SCA.
You may have questions that relate to Youth Activities that you've wondered.... feel free to contact the Youth Activities lead with these.  There is no "wrong" question - if you wonder something, chances are others are as well.  
General Youth Activity Rules

1.   Youth Activities is not a babysitting service! Volunteers of Youth Point and teachers are not responsible for the Youth!

2.       Youth are permitted to participate in the Class/Activity without a Parent/Guardian.  As such, a Youth may wonder in and out as they wish or be dropped off by a Parent/Guardian. 

a.       The ability of Youth to wonder without an adult is up to the Parent/Guardian.

b.      If the Parent/Guardian drops the Youth off at class, they will be expected to pick them up at the end of the class - not hours later. Any Parent/Guardian who abuses this privilege will result in the Youth being unable to attend Classes/Activities without said Parent/Guardian.

3.       Youth attending Classes/Activities are expected to be mindful and respectful to the individual(s) running the Class/Activity.  Youth found creating an issue will be required to have a Parent/Guardian with them at all times and/or be removed from participation in Youth Activities.

4.       Parents/Guardians of Youth shall have ultimate responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their Youth at all times. It is the responsibility of the Parents/Guardians who brings a Youth to an event to ensure that the Youth is safe and not in danger.

5.       Youth participating in activities are expected to assist with clean up and helping to keep the space clean.