Update List Archive
Archived Updates
We decided to keep a listing of all of the updates noted on the Home Page for reference purposes.  The list below notes all fixes, changes, etc. that have been completed over the course of this site's publication.  

June 2:

Home Page:  My Schedule Info
My Schedule Page:  Added  - with Listing of Schedules
Blue Chip Page: Now active, with Blue Chip info available
Land Agent FAQ:  Land Agent specific info
Land Page:  See the New 50 Year Site Map!
Heavy Fighting:  Added Events and Classes
Merchants:  Food Vendors & Menus added
Story Corps:  Page added ~ Come and tell us your story!

May 26:

Home Page: Performance Artists highlight
A&S Classes:  More Classes & Descriptions added
Site Rules:  Added in Fire Wood information
Merchants: Food Vendors & Menus added
Special Events: Gold'N Gryphon Performances added

May 21:

A&S Classes:  More Classes & Descriptions added
Merchants: Promenade Loaction Map added
Merchants: Food Vendors & Menus added
Special Events: Gold'N Gryphon Brewer Donation info
Youth Activities: Updates to Schedule

May 4:

A&S Classes : Many new Classes added!
Heavy Fighting : Events & Classes added!
50/50 Challenge : Challenge & Display info added!

April 30:

Special Events
:  Events added!
Rapier :  Events added!
Heralds : NEW PAGE!
Dance:  MAJOR Class Schedule addition!

April 24:

Front Page :  Countdown to Registration Close
Founders :  Fun Facts included
50/50 Challenge : New challenge!
Performing Arts : Performance and Class links and major update
Heavy Fighting : Classes and Discussions added to schedule

April 17:
Front Page
~  Moved recent FAQ's to side bar, new features
Site Info ~ Google Map on primary page, Site Map page added
Youth Activities ~  Activity Schedule
Founders ~ Additional info added, current Founders coming 
Special Events ~ Tavern info, Schedule update, Descriptions
FAQ ~ FAQ drop down (far right) for own pages

MORE UPDATES!  April 5.  Many refreshes have been made throughout the website.  These areas have had big updates: Activities (including schedule changes and adds),  Arts & Sciences (Persona Competition, Dance info, Performing Arts),  Martial Activities (Schedule info).  As well as FAQ pages on the Home Page and in other areas.  Also, various changes made to create more consistency across the site.

The last LARGE update to the website was
March 29, 2016 - Multiple Schedules and FAQ pages, Merchant list.

March 6, 2016 Updating Schedule Activities in all areas. The general Schedule is here.

January 18, 2016 Adding Media, founders, Merchants, and much more under the "Activities" tab on the navigation bar.

January 1, 2016 opening Registration,
moving Group Name registration to the  Land page.

December 26, 2015 adding Equestrian information.

December 1, 2015 adding Group Name Registration, Site Map with Blocks, History Page update, changed wording on fees (From Non-member surcharge to "Member Discount"

October 1, 2015 adding Merchant Package.
Saturday Sep 27, 2015 adding information on Firearm Policy, Local Hotels

Saturday Sep 12, 2015 adding information on Youth Activities, Marshal Activity FAQ, and minor corrections.

Sunday, Aug 25th, 2015, adding: registration fees and information, Merchant information, ADA compliance statement

Update Contact

Updates are completed by Stephen of Beckenham  (marshal@sca50year.org) and Elina of Beckenham (stewardelina@sca50year.org)   They can be contacted at their emails for any queries regarding site fixes and/or updates.  

Why keep update info?
This helps us to keep tabs on the process and items that were updated and adjusted within the 50 Year site.  We may need to refer back to this list to track down information of when, how, why something was worked on. 
How do I point out something?
If you find an error, or possible point of info that may need fixing, please let the Update Contacts know.  Their email info is located at the bottom of this page.  Thanks!