Special Events

What is a Special Event?
A Special or Celebration Event is one you would like on the calendar, for everyone to know about. Does your Kingdom want to sponsor a Known World Party? Have a Multi Kingdom Court with you and your closest Kingdoms? Want to have a Celebration for SCA Authors, Armorers, Archers?  Or ,How about the old fashioned practice of ‘Squire Tossing’? Whatever it is, consider enlisting our local coordinators to help you find the materials you need and of course to get it on the schedule of must see events for our Guests.

Blue Chip Blue Chip events are the best we have in historic or Society display. Have something that could be a Blue Chip event? See the description and current schedule on the Blue Chip page.

Coordinate with our Special or Celebration Event Deputy to make the most of your event!
Special Event Schedule

Remeber!  If you or your Kingdom has a Special or Celebration Event you would like to host and have listed, please let us know.... there is always room on the schedule for fun and entertaining events throughout the day and week!!!

You can now get further information on events, via popups, on the Special Event Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in! Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).
THL Odette d'Amboise
Odette d'Amboise
Special Events Coordinator. The Honorable Lady Odette is a resident of the nearest Barony, and a veteran of a dozen years in the Society. She has served the local area in just about every office and is the go to person for knowing how to find anything. 
TL Tualaith of Sternfeld
Tualaith of Sternfeld
Special Events Coordinator.  Don't be surprised it you find the Honorable Lady Tualaith in the mix of things making sure your event goes well, and you have what you need from the staff. She is helping THL Odette coordinate the Special Events in particular. Both Ladies are remarkably capable and here to serve. 
Lord Joshua the MacDonald the Imperfekt
Joshua MacDonald
Celebrations Coordinator.  Joshua MacDonald the Imperfekt received his AoA in 1998 while residing in the East Kingdom, and has been involved in the SCA for over 25 years.  Also among our Special Event staff, Joshua will be coordinating the Celebrations. 
General Events
For information and listings of General Activities - ones that do not necessarily fit under an overall category - go here:
A&S Events
You will find a great many listings on this schedule that range from General A&S classes, to All Day Textile or Costume events, to notices of wondrous Displays being held throughout the week.

For a more thourough listing of A&S Classes, go here:
Gold'N Gryphon Tavern
A Tavern, you ask?  Why, yes.  And it's Golden ~ because it's the 50 Year Celebration after all....   Come and enjoy an evening of merriment at the Gold'N Gryphon, SCA 50 Year's finest public house!


~ Servers ~

Calling all Brewing Guilds, Households, and Groups Across the Known World ~
The SCA 50th Year Celebration Tavern is looking for groups to sponsor the various nights the tavern is open (7pm-Midnight). Sponsoring groups would be responsible for serving homebrew collected from various brewers across the known world as well as checking Ids.

No bartending experience or equipment is needed just a passion for homebrews and the willingness to share your enthusiasm with thirsty patrons.

To sponsor one of the evenings please contact :
Special Events Coordinator
Lady Tualaith of Sternfeld at foxzgal@hotmail.com , or the
Tavern Mistress:
Baroness Verena Entenwirth at verena@broomstich.com


~  Tavern Brew Donations ~

If you are a home brewer, and would like to donate to the Gold'N Gryphon, the Tavern would greatly appreciate your contribution!  To contribute, please fill out the following form:



~ Competitions ~

Competitions to be held:

    Sat, June 18th  -  Wines & Ciders
    Sun, June 19th  -  Beer & Ales
    Mon, June 20th  -  Meades
    Tue, June 21st -  Cordials & Liquors
    Wed, June 22nd  -  Reinheitsgebot Competition
    Thu, June 23rd  -  ...a day of rest...
    Fri, June 24th  -  Small Brews & Brewed on Site

IKBG rules will be used, with some specific modifications (to be listed soon).


 ~ Gold'N Gryphon Performers ~

Performances at the Tavern are listed to the left in the Schedule!!

For more details, contact the Gold'N Gryphon Tavernmistress:
Verena Entenwirt  (verena@broomstich.com)

* Alcohol is NOT being SOLD in this establishment
* You must be 21 or older to consume alcohol.  
* No minors will be served.