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The General Layout of The Village

The SCA 50 Year Celebration has the honor of using this state-of-the-art 4-H facility.   We will be transfomring the site into our own medieval village, complete with wandering performers, raocous fighting tournaments, wonderful artisan exhibits, delicious foods, thrilling ranged activities, and events for our youth.  The month of June at the Village should be warm to hot days with mild nights (61 low - 95 high).  Yes, we do sometimes experience rain, so plan accordingly.  But do not despair, we have many covered venues!

The Village is shown below with the various buildings noted for their activity, the side bar gives more information on these locations.

The distance from the Main Hall to the road by the Gold'N Gryphon Tavern is approximately 2100ft (700 yards).  The terrain is flat and easy to wander through as you take in the sights, smells and sounds of our medieval village.

The Promenade is the wide, paved walkway thru the middle of The Village. The site extends beyond The Village to the extended camping areas and parking.

Village Map

The Main Hall

The Main Hall houses the Great Hall where larger Kingdom Courts and Celebrations will take place.  The Great Hall will be divided between the North and South Halls at times for specific events.  Also included in the Main Hall are the A&S Conference Rooms (1 and 2), the Story Corps / Visitor Center, and both Men's and Women's Restrooms.  The History Hall is adjacent to the Main Hall, connected via an enclosed walkway.

Main Hall
Village Locations
Main Hall:
Feasts, Courts, Volunteer Point, Heralds Point, Visitors Point, Scribes, A&S Craft Fairs, the Cyber Cafe and Staff will be located in the air conditioned building.

Cyber Cafe:
Located in the Main Hall.  This free WiFi room will be available for business use 24/7.

History & Display Hall:
Come and see what wondrous items we have gathered for display to show off the 50th Anniversary of the SCA.

A&S Hall:
This enclosed building will be divided into a number of areas for scheduled A&S activities, including:
A&S Classes
Indoor Demos & Interactive Participation Areas
Specialty Displays & Demos
Period "Photo Booths"

Pavillion B:
Miscellanious events will be scheduled here.  This may include Youth Activities, charging stations, Outdoor Demos & Interactive Participation Areas, and Lawn Games.

Fight Pavillion:
Our general fighting hall.  Enclosed for all weather activities.  Both Heavy and Rapier will utilize this spacious hall for events.  See the schedules for specific activities and times.

Tournament Pavillion:
Scheduled Heavy & Rapier activities will be held within this enclosed hall.  The "field" is surrounded by gates, a 10' walking space, then grandstands.  Come and watch the spectacle of battle!

The covered merchants is just one location where you will find a great gathering of wares.  Additional merchants will be located along the Promenade.

Equestrian Stable:
The large Equestrian arena, with covered grandstands for the populace to come and enjoy the festivities.

Equestrian Pavillion:
The horse stalls for equestrian use.

Royal Encampment & Camping:
Most of the Royal camps will be located here, as well as other general camping, and the Village Green (for Hurley, Kite Flying, Star Gazing..).

Performance stage for scheduled performances.

Village General Store:
Small general store with high use items available for your on site convenience.  Ice, wood, drinks, candles, batteries, bacon [you gotta have bacon!], propane, and such.

Restrooms:  (R)
Hard building restrooms.  Porta privies will be located around the site as well.  There will also be 4 shower trailers available.

The Range:
All of our ranged activities will be located here, be it Archery, Thrown Weapons or Siege practice.

Artisans' Square:
The tents throughout this area will add a welcome medieval flavor, with their continuous crafting, demonstrations and classes.  Come and see what there is to see!

The Gold'N Gryphon will be open throughout the event, hosting those pilgrims who wish to come and mingle with othere travelers from across the Known World.  There will be classes as well as enterainers scheduled for you to enjoy.

Past the Artisans' Faire and the Tavern will be located the majority of general camping.  Roads will be layed out to divide up camping blocks.  
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are there Quiet Hours? 
Quiet Hours are 10:00pm to 8:00am 
While we fully expect to have activities like drumming, dances, or fighting throughout the night in the buildings, they must stay in the buildings.  The site is surrounded by residential areas so any louder activities do need to move indoors.  Quiet Bardic circles, or gatherings are fine - just keep your noise level low.  The Staff and neighbors would be greatly appreciative!

2. Alcohol
Alcohol cannot be sold on site. Period.  Alcohol can be enjoyed in one's encampment, however every attempt should be made to put it in a period container.  DO NOT SERVE MINORS.

3. Smoking
Smoking is NOT allowed in any of the buildings, nor along the Promenade.  If you are smoking, please be aware of the wind direction so as not to have smoke flow towards populated areas.

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