General Events

This is a list of ALL Events
We can tell you there are plenty of activities around the clock. Most activities have dedicated buildings that can run through extended hours. Classes & Events are being added constantly and we even have a late night tavern - The Gold'N Gryphon - and a separate late night dance hall.

The General Schedule now lists EVERYTHING that is scheduled for the SCA 50 Year Celebration ~ for those who wish to see this layout.

Specific event listings for Performance, Dance, Martial, Equestrian or Youth activities are noted and linked in the Feature Section to the right... we have it all listed so that you know where and when to be!

Blue Chip IconWe have "Blue Chip" events that feature the best the SCA has to offer - and are highlighted in Blue text. Blue Chip events will not conflict with another - or might have a slight overlap, and one should be able to go from one to the next and experience the very finest events.

General Schedule

NOTE:  Keep an eye on the schedule for items being added as well as possible times and locations changes (for a variety of circumstances!!!!)      For specific area schedules, look to the side feature bar for those areas.

You can now get further information on events on the General Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in... Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).
Sir William of Fairhaven, OP, BC (Dayton, OH)
William of Fairhaven
Sir William is a 30 year Veteran of the Society, an accomplished musician scheduling tours around the world, and a consummate professional when it comes to scheduling and resolving conflicts. He has served the Society and Crown as advisor on international committees and has served his Kingdom as Earl Marshal. 
A&S Schedule
In addition to the General Schedule, there is a long list of A&S classes & demos that you will likely be interested in.  Go here for these listings:
A&S Schedule 
Dance Schedules
Want to Dance the entire event away?  There will be ample opportunity!  Go here for these listings:

European Dance 
Middle Eastern Dance 
Martial Schedule
If you are interested in the Martial Events, follow these links to get more information!
Thrown Weapons
Performance Schedule
Interested in what performance events, both class and entertainment, will be held at 50 Year?  Go here for these listings:

Performing Arts 
Equestrian Schedule
We also have an extensive list of Equestrian events that you can check out.  Go here for these listings:

Equestrian Events 
Youth Schedule
The youth of the SCA are also part of 50 Year! Follow these links for these listings:

Youth Activities 
Youth Combat  
Have an Idea?
This is YOUR event! This event is the celebratoin of the entire SCA's 50 year history.... If you want to sponsor a tourney, demo or dance, participate in a display, perform, or volunteer to help, get in touch with the department head, and go for it!

Kingdoms, Groups and Individuals are welcome to sponsor an event.  Let our staff work with you on the details.