FAQ Registration

Frequently Asked Questions on Registration:
Please feel free to send any additional questions to Duchess Elina of Beckenham (StewardElina@sca50year.org). We will answer them and add the info to the current questions/answer list. We will keep this list updated with new information.

1. How do I register?
There are two types of registrations…..First is a group.  The “Group” is to request land, and helps ensure that people can camp together that want to.  A group might be a Household, Kingdom, Barony or some other affiliation that you want to camp with.  Create these groups by going to the Registration tab and selecting “Group”.  When registering a group, you will be asked where you would like to camp, so take a look at the map ahead of time and jot that down.   As soon as the group is created, it will appear as an option to select when you register an individual or family.

The second type of registration is a “Family”.  This is a single bill that is being paid.  It can be a real family, or an individual, but in the end, it will generate a single bill for the exchequer.  Multiple families can select the same land group. An individual will register as a family of one. 

2. Do I have to register?
No, but it makes it easier for the staff to plan how many people to accommodate.  We don’t have last year’s numbers to go on for planning……or even the numbers from 25 years ago. 
3. How do I register a camping group?
Create a camping group by going to the Registration tab and selecting “Group”.  You will be asked to create a log on and password for the group.  It can be the same one as your individual registration, or a different one.  When registering a group, you will be asked where you would like to camp, so take a look at the map ahead of time and jot that down.   As soon as the group is created, it will appear as an option to select when you register an individual or family.
4. Can anyone see the members of a camping group?
Only someone who has the group log in and password for a particular group can see the people that have selected that group to camp with.  Make sure to note the log on and password you used when making the camping group.
5. How do I know what land to request?
There is a land site with grid blocks.  The lines represent the approximate location of roads and walkways.  The blocks are labeled with a number and letter.  Your choice of block names will be asked for when you make your group registration.
6. Is there RV camping?
Yes, select -RV for the camping group.
7. What if I don't know what group I'm camping with yet?
No problem, select ~Undecided at the bottom of the group list when you register yourself, you can always change it.
8. How much space is allocated per person?
The standard 250 sqft used at Pennsic is the initial allocation.  If there are places were requests are less dense, such as the Northern blocks that do not have power, then allocations will be larger.  Unfortunately, we can’t provide more detail, because we really don’t know how many are coming yet.  We will be able to give that information out at the end of May with the camping locations.
9. How late can I select a group to camp with?
If you want your space allocation to be counted in your choice of camping group, you should have your camping group selected no later than May 15.
10. How do I register a family or peson?
To register, go to the Registration tab, and select “Guest”.  From there, if you are the first person on your family bill select “Start a Family”.  Each person will fill out the form, and be able to have a unique log in.  When all the information is filled in, the “Create” button will become active, and you can create your registration by clicking it.  You will then be given the option to add more people to your family. 
11. How do I add family members?
When you go to the Registration page and select “Guest” you have the option of starting a family, or adding to the family.  If you have registered at least one person in your family (remember this generates the bill to pay), you can select “add a family member” and that will prompt you for the log on and password of the first person in your family.  This will take you to the summary page for your family. You can then add people to that family.
12. How do I pay?
You can pay either with PayPal or by check.  When you register your family, you will have the option to select a payment method.  If you select “Pay by Check” the address to mail to will be provided.  Print the confirmation page with your key number…..looks like 20 digits of garbldy good like: K736vFl29fI7NbSpjzc…..and mail it with the check.  That “key number” is what connects you to the payment accounts for the exchequer. 

If you select e-Pay, you will go through the PayPal process.  It is a little cumbersome, because PayPal shares email address, and the SCA BoD has a strict policy against that.  To make it possible to use PayPal, we have a person that acts as the intermediary, so that PayPal never gets your email, they work with the PayPal Exchequer, to get your bill.  When you select that option, the instructions will pop up. 

13. Do I have to pay in advance?
No, but it helps the event staff get things in advance.  If you pay in advance, check in will take a little less than 1 minute total, we won't even ask you to get out of your car, we will come to you.

14. Why can't I just pay for the days I'm there if I leave early?
We don’t have the ability to chase people off the site if they stay past the time they indicated they would.  We have tried to keep the fees as low as possible to help offset the possibility that someone would have to leave early.  Also, the fees are prorated based on when the person first arrives.

15. What about refunds?
We can do refunds up to 30 days before the event.  Just request this to the exchequer at sca50exchequer@gmail.com.  If you paid by PayPal, the PayPal fee will not be refunded.

16. When will I know what my camping area is?
On May 15, we will be collecting all the Group land requests and playing Tetris to put them in as best we can.  We will try to accomodate everyones needs as best we can.  Within a week after that, we will be sending out notices to everyone.  It’s kind of a juggling act….you can change your camping group up until the time we collect the numbers and fit the puzzle together.

Minors on Site
If you are bringing minor children
* that are not your own*
to SCA 50 Year, please make sure you have read the requirements below:

There are TWO forms you will need to bring for each child.

They both need to be signed by the child's parent or legal guardian.

ONE MUST BE NOTARIZED per Indiana law.

1) This is the medical waiver, and needs the notarization, and will be kept with the child at all times:

2) This one is the usual Minor Waiver:

PLEASE have both these forms filled out and signed/notarized where appropriate for each child you will be bringing that you are not the parent or legal guardian of.

NOTE: This requirement is out of our control and the children affected will not be allowed to attend if they are not completed properly before arrival.

Thank you.