Rapier Fighting

Tournaments, Classes and Melees!
Rapier fighting at 50 Year will center around Tournaments, Melees and Teaching. There will be plenty of opportunities to improve your skills in all areas of Rapier, be it one on one, group instruction, or testing your skills in melee or tournament. Some of the greatest teachers in the Known World will be there. Enjoy a day watching Tournaments in the Pavillions or out on the Open Field - it's up to you.  If you are interested in sponsoring or seeing a specific Rapier Activitiy, contact the Marshal!

Come join us for some of the best test of arms across the Known World!

Rapier Fighting
Rapier Activities

You can now get further information on events, via popups, on the Rapier Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in! Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).

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Baron Robert MacPharland, OP, OD (Ansteorra)
Baron Robert MacPharland
Robert has been an active participant in the SCA for nearly 35 years. He is currently a Baron of the Court in Ansteorra, and has been Rapier Marshal, and General. An accomplished Master of Defense, Robert is familiar with all aspects of Rapier Combat.  
E-mail at Rapier@sca50year.org 

Heralding Tournaments
If you are SPONSORING a tournament and would like the added pomp and circumstance of a Herald's Voice.... they can be requested!  Please go to the Heralds page for more info, or contact the Heraldic Coordinator, Lady Calybrid ine Tere.

If you are interested in helping Herald at 50 Year, follow the above links as well - they will gladly accept volunteers!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas will allow Rapier Fighting?

Fighting will only be allowed in areas designated for rapeir combat.  These include the Open Field, Pick Up Fields, the Tournament Pavillion, and the Fighting Pavillion (which are right next to each other).

The Pavillions are available 24/7.  However, there will be no fighting unless a warranted marshal is present.  

2. What about inspections?
There will be a location specified for inspections. Standard SCA requirements and conventions will be used.  ID and Auth Card needed.  

3. How do I sponsor an event?

Anyone who is inetersted in running a tournament or event may do so, if the schedule allows.  If you, your group, or Kingdom wish to sponsor one, please contact the Rapier Marshal (Rapier@sca50year.org) with all information (event idea, time choices, needs, etc.) that you have.  He will contact you to discuss this further.

4. Will there be authorizations?
Yes, with a caveat.  Each Kingdom has its own specific standards, and it is impossible to issue a general card to you that will be accepted in your Kingdom, UNLESS you have a warranted Marshal from your Kingdom who is allowed to do such authorizations.  

5.  What Rules will be following for Rapier Fighting?
The SCA 50 Year event will be using those rules, guidelines and standards as set forth in the SCA Marshal's Handbook.  If you are unfamiliar with them, you may reference them here:

Feel free to send a question to the email for the Rapier Marshal.