Performing Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts Program at 50 Year!

Come listen to the Known World Choir bring lightness to your soul, witness Commedia in it's hilarious splendour, find your favorite Artists give their hearts' best, or become enthralled by someone new evoke that feeling of 'medieval' that you enjoy.   50 Year has gathered an abundance of talent for you to immerse yourself in as you wander through the Village! Performing Arts includes any kind of performance that would be considered as bardic, theater, music, individual, ensemble, vocal, instrumental, improvisational, scripted, sung, spoken....

If it comes to life because it is performed in front of an audience, it is a Performing Art!

Performing venues provided by the event include the following:

•    Outdoor stage for daytime performances
•    Tavern for evening performances in a rowdy setting
•    Busking areas in two locations
•    Performing Arts Day on an indoor stage
•    Bardic Circles

Performances & Classes
You can now get further information on events, via popups, on the Performance Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in! Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).

You can still go to the Google Doc version of the schedule for specific breakdown of views by venue, here:  Performing Arts Schedule
(All schedules are subject to change due to conflicts, weather and necessity):

Interested in Performing???
Look to the sidebar, "Attention Performers!" for detailed information.


•    Bardic Circles will always be open to all comers unless in private camps.
•    Camps are encouraged to Mug Their Gates! (Hang a mug with ribbons on your camp gate to signal wandering performers that they are welcome to join a bardic circle or sing for their supper in your camp!)
•    Bardic Circles in camps are encouraged to sign up on the SCA 50 Year Bards By Day/Bards By Night book!  This is an online, public, self-help google spreadsheet that allows anyone to sign up and advertise their bardic circle to the populace:  BARDS BY DAY/BARDS BY NIGHT BOOK
•    Ongoing Bardic Circles will also be organized by the event and encouraged in private camps. (Quiet Hours begin at 10:00pm, so any Bardic activity outdoors must be of low volume and will be enforced by The Quiet Police.)  For more info specific to Bardic Activities visit THE BARDIC PAGE.

Collage of SCA performers

Performing Arts Activities - NOTE!
Advance signup for these activities are now closed (6/10/16). To arrange performances, please seek out Performing Arts staff at the event.  Thanks!
Performing Arts Day is Friday, June 24th!!!
A special Performing Arts Day is scheduled for the Great Hall on Friday, June 24 from 9am to 6pm with performances on the indoor stage and displays of static arts used in performing arts throughout the hall.
Attention Performers!
The SCA 50 Year event is intended to showcase the best the SCA has to offer, so this is not an event where the main performance venues are recommended for beginners.  Classes, practice areas, open bardic circles, and opportunities to talk personally with Very Experienced Performers WILL, however, be available for beginners! Opportunities for every level of performer are available at this event, and the Performing Arts Staff will assist any performer who submits an application by recommending resources for you.

If you wish to Perform at 50 Year, understand that you may need to send in specific information and forms to the Performing Arts group.  Please follow the link to your area of interst to get more specifics.


PERFORMANCE FORM  ~ Submit your application to perform on the Outdoor stage, Tavern, Busking area, or Indoor stage. This also pertains to those wishing to perform on the Indoor stage as part of the Performing Arts Day. You will be required to share a sample of your work for review.
[NOT requred for Bardic Circles
NOTE: Advance signup for these activities are now closed (6/10/16). For more information or to schedule on-site, please seek out Performing Arts staff at the event.

COPYRIGHT & LICENSING POLICY  ~   The site for SCA 50 Year does not have a performance license; accordingly, the event staff requests that all performers restrict their repertoire to original pieces for which you own the copyright, pieces which you have permission to perform, and pieces in the public domain.
BUSKING & LICENSES ~  Buskers and any performers wishing to pass the hat at their performances must get a Busker’s License from the event staff.
DO'S & DON'TS OF BUSKING ~ A quick listing of the general rules for Busking at 50 Year.
SHAKESPEARE & COMMEDIA ~ Performers interested in Shakespeare and Commedia can get more info here.

STATIC PERFORMANCE PROJECT FORM ~ Those wishing to display static art projects related to Performing Arts (props, costumes, masks, etc.) need to submit a request to display via this form.
NOTE: Advance signup for these activities are now closed (6/10/16). For more information or to schedule on-site, please seek out Performing Arts staff at the event.

Other information  to know about Performing at SCA 50 Year:
* Performers with CDs or other merchandise to sell ARE allowed to sell their merchandise at their performances. Please direct questions to Lady Sophia the Orange via
* An hour will be scheduled every day on the Outdoor Stage for “open sign ups for any performer” so please watch for that opportunity if you do not schedule a performance time for yourself ahead of the event.
* The Outdoor Stage is very similar in size to the Pennsic Performing Arts Tent stage.
Any questions regarding what material can be performed at this event can be directed to the Performing Arts Lead, Lady Sophia the Orange via
What Else?
Also, we would like to know what else you want to do at SCA 50 Year in the scope of Performing Arts! What do you dream of doing that we have not programmed yet?   If we can produce activities for this unique event based on your ideas with the resources we have, we will attempt to do so. Please submit ideas here:  PERFORMANCE IDEAS
The Performing Arts Staff
•    Performing Arts Lead:
The Honorable Lady Sophia the Orange -  or
•    Bardic Deputy:
Mistress Aneleda Falconbridge -
•    Tavern Deputy:
Lady Taulaith (Too’-la)
•    Shakespeare Deputy:
          Lady Edekyn O Fierhie -

•    Commedia & Scripted Theater Deputy:
The Honorable Lord Niccolo Bartolazzi -