FAQ's ~ General 

Frequently Asked Questions on General Items:
Please feel free to send any additional questions to (StewardElina@sca50year.org). We will answer them and add the info to the current questions/answer list. We will keep this list updated with new information.

1.  Can I mail stuff to the event?
Well, yes….there is a Post Office across the street….literally.  Mail to your self, for local pick up, to:
Danville Post Office at 1965 E Main St, Danville, IN 46122
Note for local pick up.
    Pickup Hours:  Mon-Fri  :  8:30am-6:00pm   /   Sat  :  8:30am-12:30pm   /   Sun  :  Closed
2.  How do I get there?
The local airport is: Indianapolis International Airport.  The local Bus and Train Station is in Indianapolis. 
The event site is:  Hendricks County 4H Fairground at 1900 E. Main Street, Danville, IN 46122.    
3. What does a taxi or Uber cost from the Airport, Bus or train station? 

It is about 18 miles, or a half hour, trip from the Indianapolis Airport to the site.  Downtown Indianapolis, Greyhound Bus depot is 18.7mi / 34 minutes.  A taxi is around $50, although there is a rideshare board on Facebook to arrange both ride shares and single camping. 

4. Where can I get more information on the site?
There are two places to go for more information.  Out site page which tells you how we will be using the site at www.sca50year.org/site or the Conference Complex website at: http://www.4hcomplex.org/index.php
5. Is there ride sharing?
Yes, there is a Facebook page that you may coordinate this at:  SCA 50 YEAR RIDE SHARE & SINGLE CAMPING
6. What about single campers?
You can camp first come, first available, for single camping, or coordinate with a group at the same Facebook page:   SCA 50 YEAR RIDE SHARE & SINGLE CAMPING
7. Can I rent a tent there?
Yes, you will need to make arrangements ahead of time with Traders of Tamerlane (609) 403-0241,   Hoosier Tent  (317) 272-9746, or Indianapolis Rental Tents  (317) 547-5117.  
The address for the 50 Year site is above, on FAQ #2.  They have worked with the Fairgrounds before, and will coordinate thru the Land Deputy, Baroness Solveig Thorgilsdottir (land@sca50year.org)
8. How close is it to the local store?
We will be stocking a small store on site.  There is also a Wal-Mart across the street, about 2/10ths mile from the site entrance.  Grocery and other stores are listed on the LOCAL INFORMATION page.
9.  Are there ATM's on site?  
Yes...3 ATM Machines:  1. Main Hall,  2. near Village General Store,  3. near Merchants on Promenade


Minors on Site
If you are bringing minor children
* that are not your own*
to SCA 50 Year, please make sure you have read the requirements below:

There are TWO forms you will need to bring for each child.

They both need to be signed by the child's parent or legal guardian.

ONE MUST BE NOTARIZED per Indiana law.

1) This is the medical waiver, and needs the notarization, and will be kept with the child at all times:

2) This one is the usual Minor: Waiver:http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/chldwaiv.pdf

PLEASE have both these forms filled out and signed/notarized where appropriate for each child you will be bringing that you are not the parent or legal guardian of.

NOTE: This requirement is out of our control and the children affected will not be allowed to attend if they are not completed properly before arrival.

Thank you.

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