My Schedule
My Personalized Schedule
This is where each guest can create their own, personalized, schedule of the events, classes and activities that they wish to attend. Going to any of these pages that contain schedules of activities, will allow you to select from the schedule, and make it your own.  To create Your Schedule, sign in where it asks with your registration name and password (which you created, or can create, by registering for 50 Year).  

After signing in, a blank column will appear to the left of the TIME column where you can select that event - once done, a "check mark" will appear for that event, and will be "placed" on Your Schedule.  To remove, simply click on the "check mark", wherein the mark will be deleted, as will the event from Your Schedule. NOTE: Those Event Listings in [Brackets] are currently being created and are, as of yet, unavailable for My Schedule.

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A&S Schedule
In addition to the General Schedule, there is a long list of A&S classes that you will likely be interested in. Go here for those listings:  A&S Schedule 
Dance Schedule
Want to Dance the entire event away?  There will be ample opportunity!  

Go to the European Dance listing that schedule.
Go to the Middle Eastern Dance for that schedule.
Martial Schedule
If you are interested in the Martial Events, follow these links to get more information!
Thrown Weapons
Performance Schedule
Interested in what performance events, both class and entertainment, will be held at 50 Year?  

Go to the Performing Arts page for more info on this schedule.
Equestrian Schedule
We also have an extensive list of Equestrian events that you can check out.  Please go to the Equestrian Events  listing for more info on this schedule.
Youth Schedule
The youth of the SCA are also part of 50 Year!  

Go to  Youth Activities or Youth Combat  listings for more information.
Have an Idea?
This is YOUR event! This event is the celebratoin of the entire SCA's 50 year history.... If you want to sponsor a tourney, demo or dance, participate in a display, perform, or volunteer to help, get in touch with the department head, and go for it!

Kingdoms, Groups and Individuals are welcome to sponsor an event.  Let our staff work with you on the details.