Middle Eastern Dance

Middle Eastern Dance
The Middle Eastern form of Dance has been part of the SCA for many years, depicting the styles from Egypt, to Persia, to Turkey...all different in their own particular ways, yet still pleasing in the way they "tell the story" of the dance they create.  Come, travel down the Promenade to the Middle Eastern Tent and enjoy a day of classes, then stay around, relax and immerse yourself in The Hafla - an evening of music and dance!

Listed below are some of the classes and events available for those who like a bit of the Middle East flavor.  
You can add these classes and events to your "My Schedule", once signed in, by selecting the blank column to the left in the table.
If you are an instructor and would like to share your knowledge and experience in the art of Middle Eastern Dance, please sign up!
Middle Eastern Dance Deputy
Baroness Chandara Gamal
Baroness Chandara is the deputy for Middle Eastern Dance at 50 Year.  
Please feel free to contact her with any inquiries related to this area.
Known World Hafla!

Ahlan wa sahlan! The arts of Middle Eastern Dance & Music have been an important part of the SCA, and so it is with the SCA 50 Year Celebration! 

The KNOWN WORLD HAFLA will be held in the

Great Hall 

Sunday, June 19, 2016, 9 pm to 1 am

Come one, come all, come and enjoy a night of Middle Eastern flavor!

Dancers & Musicians


Middle Eastern Dancers are welcome to attend and enjoy the opportunity to participate.  Classes are open to all, and the dance floor will be available as well.  If you have any questions about performing, please contact Baroness Chandara.


Musicians of all abilities are welcome to join the dance ensemble. Period instruments are preferred but appropriate modern instruments (flute, acoustic guitar, violin, ect.) are welcome as well.

Please follow this link: Sign up for Musicians  to play for the dances.  Note for "Middle Eastern Dance". 

The sign-up deadline for musicians is June 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Baroness Chandara.