Martial Activities

Heavy & Rapier Combat, Thrown Weapons & Archery 

The SCA 50 Year Event will be a treasure trove of Martial Activities.  Heavy Weapons & Rapier Activities will range from specialized Tournaments, Melees, Group Instruction, One on One Instruction, to simple Chat sessions in the Pavillion.  

Walk along the Promenade through The Village and listen for the sounds of combat!  Outdoor Heavy and Rapier activities will be taking place on The Field - just outside of the main buildings, where those who wish to observe or take pictures will have a full view, and those who wish to fight can get right into the thick of things.  Some fighting activities will be taking place in the Tournament Building - where bleachers will be available for those who wish to have full view of special events, and a fenced off fighting area to keep the bouts in bounds.  Other combat activities will be taking place in the Fight Pavillion, right next to the Tournament Pavillion.  This venue will be available for continuous use for Heavy and Rapier events, pick ups (if the weather makes us go indoors for this), classes, and the like.  Both Pavillions are available all day, every day!

Come visit The Range if your interests move you to Archery or Thrown Weapons.  Further down The Promenade and past the Kingdom camping area, wander over to see what is happening in ranged activities.  A variety of events and classes are scheduled for your learning and skill honing pleasure!

Below is the map showing the Heavy & Rapier fighting areas, and The Range, for ranged activities.  There are the Tournament Pavillion, the Fight Pavillion, the Heavy Pick up field, the Rapeir Pick up field, and the Outdoor Field.  The Range holds those Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Siege events.  For the map of the whole Village, go to the Site Map.
Fighting Areas

the range

Martial Staff
These are the Marshals for our martial events at 50 Year.  More information can be found on their pages.

Marshal in Charge:  Duke Stephen of Beckenham <>
Heavy Fighting:  Viscount Brion of Bellatrix <>
Rapier Fighting:  Baron Robert MacPharland <>
Archery:  Forester Padraig MacRaighne <>
Thrown Weapons:  Master Gailen Alric Ros <>
Siege: Sir Jean-Claude von Adlerstaat  <>

Martial Scheduling
The individual Martial Activities pages will have the list of scheduled events for their particular areas.  The format will be as noted below with a Time, Activity [with Sponsor, if available], and Location.  A listing of descriptions is linked to the activities as well.

Time Activity Location
10:00AM-10:00PM Event   Location

If you, or your group, is interested in running/sponsoring an event, you will need to forward that idea, your resources, and needs to the appropriate marshal for the area you would like to schedule something.  Also, list days and times you would prefer - with up to 3 times, as your first choice may already be taken up on the event schedule.  They will contact you to discuss your idea.

Martial FAQ's

Specific questions, as they come up, will be answered (as best we can) in the FAQ sections to the right on each page.  If you have a particular question and do not see it in our FAQ's, please feel free to contact the Marshal for that area.  If you have thought of that question, chances are others have as well, but not submitted it so far.

Marshal in Charge: Duke Stephen of Beckenham, KSCA, OL, OP
Stephen of Beckenham
Duke Stephen has been in the Society for over 35 years - starting in the West Kingdom upon seeing a local fight practice and thinking "I so gotta do that!".   During this time in the West, he enjoyed many aspects of the SCA and was recognized for his skills in fighting, arts, and service.   He completed six reigns, and served as Kingdom Earl Marshal for two separate terms.  Stephen also lived in AnTir for a short while, widening his knowledge.  He currently resides in the Middle Kingdom with his wife, Elina of Beckenham, where they continue in their activity and service to their Crown and Kingdom.

E-mail at 

Rules & Regulations
The Rules & Regs that we will be following at 50 Year are those standards set for the general SCA for the martial areas covered in this event. What you have "learned" in your Kingdom will do you well, other than some specifics to this event.  Those will be noted on each martial activity page as necessary.  

If you have questions in these regards, please contact the Marshal for the area your query concerns.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will there be large War Events?  
The focus on fighting at 50 Year will be on Tournaments, Pas, Melees and teaching.  We will also have a 50 Year Champions competition, involving all Martial Activities. We may have larger melee competitions, but "war" activities are not included in our schedule.

2. Can I run an event in my camping area?
No.  All Martial Activities must be done in the designated areas. See the map to the left for specific locations.

3. Will people be allowed to authorize there?  Of course, with a warranted, authorizing Marshal from the participant's Kingdom, to their Kingdom standards.  

4. What are the Schedules?  
The details are always in progress and schedules are available on the particular martial activities pages. AND,  we do have some facilities available for fighting 24/7 ~ lit and covered.  Go to the following for specifics:
Heavy Combat
Rapier Combat
Thrown Weapons

5. Can I help?
Absolutley.  We will have defnite need of marshals in all of the Martial venues. Please contact the specific Marshals if you are interested in assisting.  And THANKS!

NOTE:  Volunteers will accrue points for their Kingdoms.  What does this mean?...These points will help in gaining donations from any 50 Year proceeds to your Kingdom.  

6. What about Youth Combat?
Youth Combat is under the purvue of the Youth Activities department.  Go to the Youth Combat page for more information.