Land Agent FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for Land Agents
Please feel free to send any additional questions to Baroness Solveig Thorgilsdottir ( We will answer them and add the info as necessary to the current questions/answer list.

1. How are the land allotments organized?

When you registered, and selected “Camping” you answered the question “Are you camping with us?” if you answered no, we assume you are staying off site.  If you answered yes, you were given a list of camping groups to select from.  Those camping groups had a land allotment created for them based on the number of people in the group.  The blocks on the site have an approximate square footage, and the groups were assigned to a block based on requests until the square footage was used up. 

2. What does the Land agent need to do?

The land agent is in charge of making sure everyone in the land group is known, and that they have a plan for your arrival…..if you are very lucky, they may have a plan for tent lay out.

3. Why can’t I get the exact dimensions of the land block we are in?

The short answer is that this is the first time that we have used the land, and we don’t have the detailed surveys like they do at some repeating large events.  What we have are some best guesses, and rounding down when creating the estimate for available land……that is to say, there is probably more square footage there than we indicate in a block, but we won’t really know until the roads are put in just before the event.

4. What if there is less than we thought, and our camping groups don’t fit? 

Well that is always a possibility, sometimes the unexpected happens (fallen trees, churned up land, flying monkeys unhooked a fire hydrant and flood a space) we have taken a few precautions to prevent that….but if it does happen, we will do our best to move the whole group together, or move individuals if they wish…..One way or another, there is camping space, and it will be at the event, for the most part, everything is very central. 

5. When can I get in?

The earliest Land Agents can get in is Friday 8am.  You can come later, but that is the earliest.  Unlike other events, there is no mandatory meeting to attend at that unfriendly hour, nor must anyone bend over backwards to rush there. 

6. Can I check in my whole family when I check in?

Of course.  It is easier on everyone that way.  You can even drive to your block and meet your other Land Agents.

7. What if I can’t be there for the 8am opening for Land Agents?

If you are a Land Agent, and can’t be there at 8am….don’t worry, we were originally opening at 10am, 8am is just a head start if you can manage it.  But no one is setting up in the block until all Land Agents have agreed about the block. If you can’t be there for opening day, contact the others in your block and work with them to make sure you have space for your group.  We have tried to keep only a few groups in each block so negotiations could go easily.

8. What if I can't get there before noon and I could not send a proxy or delegate?

At noon, if there is no Land Agent, the Land Deputy for the event will assume your duties, and place your group as best they can.  This will prevent one person from holding up the entire block.  The Land Deputy will do their best to make sure the unrepresented spot meets the needs and space allocation for the people who are not there, but the missing Land Agent will not have the opportunity to confirm ahead of time the lay out.  If no one in the land group is paid, and there is no Land Agent, and no Proxy, and no communication with other Land Agents in the block, the camp will be considered a ghost camp, and be moved to single camping.

9. When can we set up?

When all the Land Agents can sign the paper that says they have measured the space, and they can all work and play well with each other on what is there.  Each Land Agent for a block will need to sign and turn in to the Land Deputy, and then, have at it.  Now, just in case it is not clear…….if you are the ONLY land agent for a block, and decide that you can work and play well with yourself, and your people will fit, you can sign off and start setting up… that order, please.  We will know this because your Land block will have the “Happy Face” tag for it, please don’t set up until you have the “Happy Face”

10. What if we can’t agree on how to set up?

Well, that’s where we reach out to the Staff and we can come in with some additional options.  The staff is only here to settle disputes, as arbitrators if it is just not working out.  We do have the ability to move groups if a Land agent wants to explore other options.  We can’t guarantee that the options will be better, but we will work to offer the best possible available.

11. What if we don’t have it worked out by the time the site opens for everyone else?

That is going to be a problem for your block….but since the blocks are not very big it will be easy to catch people before they start setting up.

12. What if we want to move?

Yes, we can do that too.  Keep in mind, unless you want to move to an unoccupied block (and there are some) you will probably have to work out with other Land Agents , for what space is available in their block.  If they already have their plan set, please be respectful of those that have managed to accomplish their tasks and work within what they have available.  Priority will be given to those that have already achieved “Happy Face” status, and those moving in late will have to work around what is already established.

13. Can I have more land in my block?

The land left over in your block (if any) is for single camping.  Really.  If someone comes in and they need a place to stay, you need to let them camp there….you can’t run them off because you want more room or are expecting people who did not register later in the week to take it.  Single camping is first come first served.  Play nice, and meet a new friend.

14. Can I just encroach on that road there…’s not like it is a real road or anything?

Please don’t.  The roads are there for service vehicles, access to the blocks, emergency vehicles and to allow people to walk without walking through the middle of a camp.  The roads are also on the map for the purposes of navigation. 

15. What if I have more people showing up than registered?

Many of the blocks have additional space calculated into them….this was one of the ways we worked to make sure that everyone could fit to begin with (not having the exact dimensions and all).  That space is for singles camping.  If you do have more show up, they can take up the singles camping spaces left over in your block.  If not, and you still want them as part of your group, you can fit them in as best as you can…..if you outgrow you allotted space, let us know, and we will work on getting individuals, sets or whole Camping groups moved.  But keep in mind, they are likely to have to move to a block that already has established boundaries, and they will need to fit into what the other Land Agents have left over.  Unless you want to move to an unoccupied block, and we still have those.  Also, please keep in mind that we have worked to get the largest amount of amenities to the largest amount of people.  If moving to another block, there is no guarantee that comparable amenities will be available…..but the options will be made available and agreed on with those concerned.

16. Why is there a Village Green where I wanted to camp?

There are a few reasons.  The first is that there is no power or water easily accessible to that location, and no shade, so it offers almost no advantage over any of the large open blocks north of Inchworm way.  The one distinguishing feature *is* that it is in the center of things, and the large open space became a venue for many requested activities central to as many people as possible, that we had no other place for such as Hurley games, Kite Flying, Known World Party, large courts and so on.  In essence, primitive camping space had to give way for activity space.  We do apologize that the team has not yet been able to figure out that whole trans-dimention-space occupation thing to allow both at the same time.