Land Group Registration
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Land Map
The best possible map is on Google maps.  However, this map will show you the land charted out, with planned roads and characteristics.  

All land is relatively flat…….did I mention flat?  This place was once a corn field. If there are no numbers, the land area can not be requested.  We suggest comparing the map to Google Maps for a clearer picture.  All streets are approximate, however we intend to lay out streets based on this grid.  Each block can take about 75 people (if you are doing the math that is over 5,000 camping on site. 

For the blocks that have no water, and are primitive (no water or electricity), we will be bringing in water buffalos, but there is no running water, or sewer.  However, these sites can have digging of SMALL pits as long as they are filled in without trash or waste. 

Those blocks that DO have power, will have absolutely no digging, and tent stakes must stay off the marked lines.  

Under Construction


Looking to Rent a Tent?
If you are looking into having a tent available, and are not able to easily bring your own,  the following local suppliers can be contacted for tent rental:

Traders of Tamerlane ~ Yurt Rentals
    (609) 403-0241
Hoosier Tent
    (317) 272-9746
Indianapolis Rental Tents
    (317) 547-5117

The contact person for the Rental supplier would be the SCA 50 Year Land Agent:  

Solveig Thorgilsdottir
Land Agent Info

LAND AGENTS:  There is now a FAQ page available for those queries you may have... please go to :


General Information:
If you are a land agent, you may enter the site at 8am on the 17th of June, 2016 in order to claim your group camping spot prior to the noon opening of the site.

After registration closes, and prior to June 10th, will send out land packages containing the information needed to negotiate with any other groups you may be sharing your block with.

Land agents may designate a proxy to claim their land if they are unable to be there, please make arrangements prior to June 10th and notify the Land Coordinator with the legal (mundane) name of your proxy, so that they will be able to gain early entry. Proxies must be 18 years or older at time of entry.

In the event that there are land disputes that the concerned land agents are unable to resolve, please contact:

Land Coordinator:
Solveig Thorgilsdottir
For assistance in mediation/resolution.

NOTE:  We will not require a constant presence in any encampment, but please understand that leaving your encampment unattended will be at your own discretion.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. When is Pre-Registration closed?
Pre-Registration closes May 17th.

2. What about quiet hours?  
Yes, there are quiet hours.  10 pm to 8am.  Fortunately, we have several buildings to move the noisy parties into.  

3. Are there hotels?
Yes, a listing of local hotels can be found on the "Local" tab. Some have also rented local apartments for the month.

4. How much space is allocated per person?  
While we don't know how many people are coming (can't check against last year's numbers you know) we expect that we will have at least 250sf per adult, 200sf per teen, 150sf per youth.  More may be possible, particularly in the northern areas.

5. Is there transportation around the site?
There will be a tram during main daylight hours 9am-6pm around the perimeter of the site, but the site is flat and easy to walk as well.

6. I noticed there are creeks ... are there bridges, can I build one?
There are some bridges across the creeks, and even some foot paths.  We will try to build additional foot paths, and with approval of the site engineer, you can build one.

7. Are there Handicap facilities?
The site is 100% compliant with all ADA requirements.  The paths between buildings in the main village are flat and paved, there are handicap port a jons.  There is no seperate Handicap camping, as we would not presume to know where they would like to camp, or that they be seperated from family and friends.

8. Do the camping locations have Power and Water?  
Not all locations have access to Power or Water.  Some are primative camping only. Details for each block are on the Land page.

9. Are there RV hookups?
You can camp in an RV, but there are not enough power and water hook ups.  The hook ups are used for additional shower trailers.  We will have some used for Dump and fill stations.  Generators are OK.

NOTE:   For those RV campers that will be ‘roughing it’ with no hookups, the Portacastle teams of Indy Portables will be available to dump your tanks for you. Please make arrangements with them directly at (317) 849-6200.

10. What is the shower and restroom situation?
The site has several hard showers and restroom facilities.  There will also be shower trailers and porta-potties.  Other than the many existing hand washing stations in the existing faciliteis, we have not contracted for more.