Activities &  Historic Displays

The History of the SCA is rich with elements that engage all of the senses.  You smell the aromas of a scrumptious feast, feel the fine silk of a costume, hear the din of battle, see the colorful illuminations, or taste a finely brewed beverage.  That is something of the Society that we hold dear and never wish to let go.  And now?  Now, we get to enjoy a full view of what has come before.... 50 Years of SCA History!  The History & Display Hall will have a variety of  amazing artifacts from across the Known World.  So, come meander through the last 50 years of our Society and be amazed by what we have done....

    History of Laurel Kingdoms

    The SCA is a unique culture in which success is measure by creativity, courtesy and cooperation. We create an alternate universe of romance and adventure at every SCA event, using imagination and the Power of Fun. We constantly encourage new ideas and diverse projects, even to the level of eccentricity!

    The 50-year event has already produced great results by encouraging each kingdom to make a written record of its own history, including the origin, founding, special traditions, and memorable events.

    This history is important for us now, and for our future members, to share our experiences and our rich culture. The authors have done a wonderful job of locating and reporting the ancient history and the glorious present of their kingdoms.

    A brief version of each Kingdom’s history will be printed in the Program book at the 50-Year event. The full version will be presented in the Kingdom Display rooms.

    It has been a delight and a privilege to read the kingdom histories in advance.  From my reading of the histories, I have selected 25 words, more or less, to describe each Kingdom. I trust you will enjoy these vignettes, and that they will inspire you to read the longer versions!

    Countess Sir Fern de la Foret, Middle Kingdom.

    Kingdoms, in order of Founding (First Coronation)

    West: Founded the SCA and initiated many of the traditions. My favorite T-shirt from the West Kingdom has all the kingdom arms with the legend:  First One, Then Many.

    East:  The early history is scattered and diffused through the lens of time, with conflicting reports of the first Coronation. Organized the Pennsic War in cooperation with the Middle Kingdom.

    Middle: The Midrealm coined the slogan: “Annual enemies, Eternal Friends” to explain the mystique and the attraction of the Pennsic War.

    Atenveldt: Passed through the developing stages of Barony, Province, and Principality, to become a full-fledged Kingdom in less than 15 months.

    Meridies: Established the terms “apprentice” and “protégé” for those affiliated with Laurels and Pelicans, respectively.

    Caid: Named for the founding baronies of Calafia, Angels, Isles, and Dreiburgen. Caid creatively embraces all of the entertainment industries.

    Ansteorra: The cradle of the rapier community, and the home of the Order of the White Scarf, whose members are styled “Dons”.

    Atlantia: As a kingdom with a sea theme, it is appropriate to have a shire located aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

    An Tir: The home of the only permanent royalty of the Known World, Janeltis the Dowager Princess of An Tir.

    Calontir: Unified by the Fyrd, Calontir marches together and sings together.

    Trimaris: Although the members are very active and busy in Florida, the kingdom includes the Panama Canal, and also claims Antarctica.

    the Outlands: Filled with outlandish traditions, including the adoption of all 2,193 ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine.

    Drachenwald:  “The kingdom where your persona comes from”. It’s possible to attend an event north of the Arctic Circle, and hang out with King and Queen of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    Artemisia: Small in population, but large in geography. Not unusual to day-trip to an event 400 miles away, even in winter storms.

    Aethelmearc: The legal host of the Pennsic War by unanimous treaty, despite the fact that it is not one of the contending Kingdoms.

    Ealdormere: The first Kingdom to be completely within the boundaries of Canada. Those long winter nights produce an awesome amount of arts.

    Lochac: The various rulings of the SCA, frequently had the disclaimer “except in Lochac”. Common saying, “If the fauna doesn’t get you, the flora will.”

    Northshield:  Griffon’s Light is the official name of a star in the Ursa Minor constellation, in honor of the Griffon, the symbol of the kingdom.

    Gleann Abhann: Such pride and determination that nothing could stop their first coronation, not even Hurricane Katrina.

    Avacal:   The newest Kingdom of the Known World, but with a long history of SCA life.  First newsletter was The Voice in the Wilderness.

    Mistress Elizabethe Alles
    Elizabette Alles
    Elizabethe Alles has been involved in the SCA for 14 years.  She has served in a number of positions, including Middle Kingdom Minister of Youth. and is responsible for the coordination of the 50 Year history department.
    Historic Display Hall
    The SCA 50 Year Historic Display Hall will feature:
    • A Memorial Shield Wall to remember those we have lost
    • A booth for each Kingdom to show their unique history and traditions
    • Recorded Oral Histories of individual SCA members' experiences
    • The Evolution of SCA Armor 
    • Historic Scroll exhibitions
    • The 50 Year Tapestry
    Theme Day Activities
    There will be a number of "theme" days in the Display Hall:
    • Those We Have Lost     (Sunday, June 19) 
    • Our Beginnings     (Monday, June 20)
    • The Great Wars and Interkingdom Events     (Tuesday, June 21)
    • Royalty & Regalia     (Wednesday, June 22)
    • Non-Kingdom Groups     (Thursday, June 23)
    • The Peerages     (Friday, June 24)
    • Where We Are Going     (Saturday, June 25)
    Also, look for these activities:
    • Ribbon-Cutting and Opening Reception     (June 18, 6pm)
    • Short lectures and panels on SCA History
    • Opportunities to meet our Founders
    Memorial Shield Wall
    As we celebrate our Society completing its 50th year, we look around and see gaps. Dust to dust it is said, but “no one dies who lives within a heart” (Michael Longcor) and we want to share those who are lost to time but living in our hearts at this time. So, whether it is a person or some kind of entity (households, groups and events) that is no longer part of the fabric of our lives, the Shield Wall will be a highlight at the 50th Anniversary Celebration Event to share with the attendees.
    Find more information HERE.
    Have some History to share?
    Add your own contributions to the history hall by making a shield for someone we have lost or recording your own oral history!

    Contact our History coordinator !
    Join the Story Corp!
    The Story Corp is all about you, and the rest of us, and why we enjoy this game. Go HERE for more information about how you can be part of the story.