Heralding at 50 Year!
Planning to come to 50 year?  Interested in Heraldry?  There are TONS of opportunities for you to get involved, ask questions, and meet new people!  Perhaps you are looking for that *perfect* device, or wish to try your voice at heralding epic tournaments?  Maybe crying the news and information to those in The Village, or just conveying messages and information as needed throughout the event?

Need or Want to Help?

Herald’s Point will be open Sunday June 19 through Saturday June 25.  Here’s a little bit of info on what we’ve got planned….

Submission Consultations – If you’re looking for help with Name, Device, Badge or other heraldic submissions, or have questions about the submissions process, stop by!  If you’re an experienced Herald, and you’re willing to offer advice and assistance to submitters, we’d love to have you here!  Emails can be sent to heralds@sca50year.org, or you can stop by Volunteer Point or Herald’s Point on site.

Tournament Heralds – If your group is sponsoring a tournament, and you’d like to request the services of a voice herald, be sure to make your request as far in advance as possible.  Email heralds@sca50year.org!    If you’d like to volunteer as a voice herald for a tournament, you can either email us before the event, or stop by Volunteer Point when you get to site.

Town Criers – We will have plenty of opportunities for those who’d like to lend their voices to help us get the word out around site, make announcements, and pass information. There’s no experience required, teenagers are welcome, and this is a great opportunity to get to hear all the good news first!   Emails can be sent to heralds@sca50year.org or stop by Volunteer Point on site!

Silent Heralds – We will have several opportunities available for silent heralds to help serve the SCA community.  If you would like the assistance of a silent herald for your event, or would like to volunteer your services, let us know!  Email us at heralds@sca50year.org or stop by Volunteer or Heralds Point!

Whether you’re a voice or book herald already, want to learn more about those areas, or need help, 50 Year Herald’s Point is happy to help!   Stay tuned for more information, and be sure to come see us at the event.


Heraldic Coordinator : Calybrid ine Tere

Calybrid will be on hand to assist as the Heraldic Coordinator at SCA 50 Year - please feel free to drop her a note if you wish to help her in making this event one to remember....
E-mail at:  heralds@sca50year.org 
Heralds Point Hours
Herlads Point will be Open
Sunday 6/19 - Saturday 6/25

Herald's Point is located in the Main Hall, Class D.  This is just inside to the right as you come in from the Promenade.
Want to Volunteer?
We would love the help and greatly appreciate any and all who wish to assist in making this event memorable for all.

Contact Lady Calybrid:  heralds@sca50year.org

And, Thank You, in advance!