Armored Fighting

Melees, Pas d' Arms and Tournaments!
Armored fighting at 50 Year will center around Pas, Tournaments, Teaching and Melees, though large scale war like activities (like Pennsic) are less likely to happen. Never fear, though, there will be plenty of opportunities to improve your skills in all areas of fighting. Some of the greatest teachers in the Known World will be there. There will be a place for pick-ups all day, every day, as well as specialty events.  If you would like to see or sponsor a particular Heavy Activity, contact the Marshal!

Come join us for some of the best fighting from around the Known World.
Animal Activities
Heavy Activities

NOTE:  You can now get further information on events, via popups, on the Heavy Combat Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in! Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).
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Viscount Brion of Bellatrix, KSCA, OP (West)
Brion of Bellatrix
Brion has been part of the SCA, for literally his entire life. Most of that time has been spent participating in the West Kingdom.  However, he has lived and/or actively played in the Kingdom of the Middle, An Tir, and CAID.  He has reigned twice as Prince of the Mists (West Kingdom). Brion has been active in running several large events as both autocrat (Event Steward) and Marshal in Charge, including West/AnTir War, and Great Western War, among othes.   

He most recently served as the Earl Marshal of the West.  
E-mail at

Heralding Tournaments
If you are SPONSORING a tournament and would like the added pomp and circumstance of a Herald's Voice.... they can be requested!  Please go to the Heralds page for more info, or contact the Heraldic Coordinator, Lady Calybrid ine Tere.

If you are interested in helping Herald at 50 Year, follow the above links as well - they will gladly accept volunteers!
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I run/sponsor a Tournament, Event, or Class?
Anyone who is interested in running an event may do so! (Most items you will need like tape, ropes, list sheets, etc. will be provided - bust ask to be sure.) If you would like to run an activity, or teach a class, contact the Heavy Marshal for the 50 Year event: (

Remember, the Pavillions are available 24/7!  Perhaps you may want to run a midnight Meet & Greet...or a discussion on Sword Techniques...or some squire training.  There are few limitations, use your imagination!

**You will  see there are a few events that show "Needs Organizer" listed in the Activity title.  We have requests for these tournaments and are looking for individuals, groups, or Kingdoms to sponsor the event.  Pretty much, this entails being there and wrangling everyone for the listen up and making sure the event progresses along properly, and all info is passed along tho the MiC after.  

Please let the Heavy Marshal know if you would like to run this activity!

Note: List a couple of times & locations, as options may be limited for your first choice. Include as much information as you can. 
2. What Rules will be following for Heavy Fighting?
The SCA 50 Year event will be using those rules, guidelines and standards as set forth in the SCA Marshal's Handbook.  If you are unfamiliar with them, you may reference them here:


Specific rules for 50 Year include:
    * Thrusts to the face shall be positive force.  This does NOT mean delivered with the same force to the body, but an intended thrust that can be felt.
    * Killing from behind is not allowed.  You may, however, foul an opponent's weapon(s).  You must have "line of site", or acknowledged engagement to strike an opponent (this primarily deals with melees).
3. What areas will allow Heavy Fighting?
Fighting will only be allowed in areas noted for heavy combat – that being the Outdoor Field, Pick Up Fields, the Tournament Pavillion and the Fight Pavillion [which are right next to each other].

The Pavillions are available 24/7.  However, there will be no fighting unless an authorized marshal is present.

If you wish to use one of the facilities late nite, or "after hours",  please notify the Marshalate Staff.
4. What about Inspections?
There will be a designated area for inspections outside of the fighting Pavillions. Standard SCA rules and requirements will be enforced. ID and AuthCard or Web verification needed.

5. What if I want to Teach or Learn?
There will be designated areas for fighting classes available. We encourage as many who wish to, to demonstrate and teach what they know, as well as come and learn something new.

6. Can Minors be in Combat at 50 Year?
Yes, those younger fighters, 16 & 17, *can* fight at 50 Year, but are restricted by these SCA guidelines:

SCA Marshals Handbook, Section I.B., ...

5. At any event in which the minor is involved in SCA combat-related activities, the minor must either have a parent or guardian present, or must be in possession of a properly executed “Medical Authorization Form for Minors.” Said Medical Authorization Form must designate an adult present at the event as able to authorize medical treatment in the case of an emergency.  (Add your camping location on this as well)

6. Minors engaging in combat with adults shall be marked in the following manner: A single yellow diamond no larger than 1inch (25.4 mm) but no smaller than 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) to be placed on the front hemisphere of the helm (preferably on or near the inspection sticker). Minors competing with adults in Rapier will have the same diamond on the cuff of the glove of their dominant weapon hand.

You can find the Medical Auth form here

Make a copy, one for minor to keep at all times, the other for the staff.

7. Can I Help?
YES! We will need marshals throughout the event for different indoor and outdoor activities. If you wish to be on the volunteer roster, please contact the Heavy Marshal at ( and the Volunteer coordinator at (