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Where did it all start???
The Society began as a graduation celebration for Diana Paxson (Countess Diana the Listmaker) in Berkeley, California on May 1, 1966. That gathering, based on a 19th-century recreation of medieval life called the "Last Tournament," was the start of new era in research and recreation of the Middle Ages!  Ask someone in the SCA: What inspired the Society to continue after that first event? From that tournament in California 50 years ago, the Society has grown to more than a thousand events happening on five continents every year. From Trenton, New Jersey to Tokyo, Japan, tens of thousands of medievalists gather to enjoy the thrill of combat, explore centuries old arts and crafts, learn the skills and virtues of this exciting period of history, and build lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life.

 Our participants study nearly every facet of life from our period, the world of the Middle Ages before 1601. The Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Milpitas, CA, with affiliate organizations in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Many Society activities are free to try or have very small fees for materials or admission and we offer several options for memberships for individuals and families that add benefits to your Society experience.
As we look back on this glorious 50 years of  history, we realize that there are those that helped pave the way to what we are all about, and most especially those who helped start it all.  We are looking forward to having some of those SCA Founders present at the SCA 50th Year Celebration.
As of this posting, the following original attendees will be at 50 Year:
Countess Diana Listmaker      
Duke Frederick of Holland      
Duke Henrik of Havn                
Sir Stefan de Lorraine
Baroness Mariana Silversea
Duke Richard the Short

A number of events will be sponsored in their honor. These are what we currently have planned:

Diana Diana ~ (What is your persona?)  In the early years of the Kingdom of the West, not everyone developed a full persona. "Diana Listmaker" was the medieval version of me, and I would wear garb from whatever period interested me.  My favorite was the 13th century.  These days, however, I am most interested in Germanic culture. Many years ago I wrote a booklet on Germanic costume (now superseded) that had some influence. In temperate weather I wear Viking garb, but when mid-western weather gets hot and humid I wear German Migrations Period linen chitons.  Call me a medieval time-traveller.
Frederick    Frederick ~ (What is your fondest SCA memory?) Most of them.  I think possibly the best would have been kneeling in front of my Lady the day I won Crown for the second time, but the time I stood in front of a castle wall ringed around by the dead is one of *many* second place memories.  Often my favorite depends on the hour of the day and the day of the year.

Henrik Henrick ~ (Fondest SCA memory?) Another is discovering the great opportunities for creative expression that the SCA offers all of us. Over the past 49 and a half years I've devised and created numerous things in response to needs found in the SCA. Ranging from the first steel mail armor ( see photo, link above), to the first steel basket hilts for rattan blades, to the first pavilion, to clothing, to Norman saddles, to Royal Crowns, to the first SCA Wars, to furnishings and many other concepts, ideas, and artifacts of greater or lesser importance or utility. I even discovered a personal motto in the process - (Id Tantum Fac - Just do it {independent of the sport shoe's slogan which I later discovered}) which seems to sum up my own life's success).

StefanStefan ~ (What is your persona?)  My persona has always been as a member of the Kingdom of the West. As you can tell by the "de Lorraine" designation, my general heritage is mostly French (though I actually took it from my German maternal grandparents who migrated to the United States from that area) but actually French Canadian on my father's side of the family. "Persona" is one of those later additions to the traditions of the SCA that I didn't have much time for. Given my fighting style and accoutrements, you could call me slightly post-Norman, I suppose. Then again, my basic arms are those of the city of Florence (Neither I nor the Heralds caught that for about two years).

Mariana Mariana ~ (Interesting facts)  Mariana was the room mate who thought holding the first tournament would be a good idea.  She still has the cloak she made for that event!  However, she left for the Peace Corps immediately afterward, and didn't get active until she had moved to the Principality of Cynagua some years later, where she became a Court Baroness.


~ (Interesting facts)  I was credited with winning the first tournament and caused the Lady Diana to become a Countess.

There are some fund raising activities going on to accommodate personal items for the founders, contact the deputy for more info.
Founder's deputy: Baroness Keiley Duchem
Baroness Keiley
Baroness Keiley Duchem has been a member since 2006. She specializes in organizational fundraisers and enjoyes helping others. Please contact her with questions, suggestions and anything else about the founders.
The Society for Creative Anachronism
You can find out all about the SCA at the corporate website.  Learn the Who, What & Where for your location.  Dive right in and join the current middle ages!  Go to:
Founders Celebration
 (Saturday, June 18) - Join many of the SCA’s founders for an evening of music, dance, light refreshments, and a chance to recognize their part in helping create and grow the Society we know and love.  Also, enjoy musical performances by Musica Subterranea.

Show the Founders how they inspired you - come dressed in your finest and be ready to impress upon them how they have helped inspire those that came after them!
Have a Story?
If you would like to be included in the 50 Year Story project, making a video of you and your SCA experience, please go to the Story Corp page to get further details!
What Inspired You?
Let us know what inspired you to come to your first event.  Was it seeing your first Lady in her finest?  Was it the fine steed in all it's wonderful barding, being driven towards the quintain?  Was it the sights and sounds of combat?

If you have a short note of what brought you into this imagination driven society, If you have a short note of what brought you into this imagination driven society, jot it down and send it to us.  We will post those we can here.

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