Artisans' Square

Take a Walk Through the Current Middle Ages!

We look to bring you the best and most inspiring items possible that help bring to life those aspects of the Middle Ages that we enjoy re-creating....from any and all Kingdoms.

Take a walk through The Village and come to The Artisans' Square, where we will have period craftsmen, as well as a "Walk Through History" series of pavillions where various examples of items throughout the ages are made and/or laid out for viewing. Experience the current middle ages in a way you may not have experienced before, or have not in a good while....come, enjoy, celebrate!

Thanks to great coordination, a selection of Artisan Tents on topics that involve working with flame, are unusually smelly, make too much noise or messes to be housed indoors, and attract all kinds of attention, will be located in The Artisans' Square. Bring your own supplies or donate to the cause and come participate, teach, or just watch and learn!

If you have any other requests for specialized work areas, please email the A&S Depratment and we will see if it can be accomodated.

Here are some fine examples at The Square!

The Great Machine:  A dog-powered 8-ft diameter treadwheel will be displaying the glory of Calontir at the SCA 50 year celebration.
The machine is a 16th c tread-wheel ran by dogs. The Tread-wheel like windmills, water wheels and so forth, were called prime movers.  It in turn powers a grinding wheel, power hammer, and bellows for a blacksmith shop.

The Great Machine

The Glass Blower:  Perhaps you would like to stop by and see the artisan make his wares?


The Blacksmith:  Come learn basic Blacksmithing skills, or Knife making....

Danr Ketilsmiðr the woodworker started blacksmithing after meeting a blacksmith at the Boy Scout Jamboree.  I was demonstrating woodworking and asked the price of some hardware.  After being told the price, I decided to learn to do it myself.  That man, Ollie Jaure, became one of my first teachers.  I have learned from the Guild of Metalsmiths, books like the Backyard Blacksmith and The Edge of the Anvil and a lot of experimentation.
(** Blacksmiths who are interested in bringing a forge, teaching, or demonstrating, please get in touch with Danr ( We always like more smiths! ** )

The Potter:  See the various techniques used in creating medieval stoneware.  Various types of clay can be worked to create different kinds of works.

What about....?
If you or your Kingdom have an item or display that you believe would help evoke that Medieval look and feel to 50 Year, please contact us and we will work with you to see if it can be included!  

To sign up with an Interactive Display for the populace to come and participate in your activity, register here:


Contact:  Baroness Cathryn of Chester (
The Artisans' Square
Outdoor tents open:
 10-5 daily - Saturday to Saturday
Open for live Demos, Classes, Workshops, and in many cases a chance to have-a-go with hands on work. In the evenings we have opportunities for meetings and gatherings for associated topics. Times may vary, depending on Artisan's needs - please see below for any time variances.

Check out the listing below for each ArtisanTent for more specifics. Feel free to contact the associated Tent Coordinator on site to sign up or to get more details!

Pottery ~ THL Elayne Gwenhlian de Bellemel
(  Daily, plus evening social hours and meetings.  Bring tools, supplies and equipment, or have-a-go with tent supplies (donations for staple items welcome).
Period Pit Firing
Slab Pottery            -modeling clay
Coil Pottery            -air dry clay
Wheel Pottery         -kiln dry clay

Domestic Arts ~  9-5 daily  
THL Lynette de Warenne
( With the aid of Mistress Dreade Pelligryne.
    Natural Dyes
    Japanese Dyeing
    Comparison Material Dyeing
    Hair Dyes
     Stain Removal Techniques
Soap making
Candle Making
    Dripped Candles
    Molded Candles
For a more complete listing of classes follow this link:

Woodworking ~ Master Avery Austringer
(  We would love to hear from other woodworkers to discuss content and materials to share.
Pole lathe
Shave horse
General Woodworking
Wood Carving

Blacksmithing ~ Master Danr Ketilsmior
( Other smiths are welcome! A schedule of demonstrations/classes will be posted at the Smith's Work Awning.
Basic smithing
Animal heads
Socketed Arrowhead/Spears/Tools
Knife Making
Damascus steel
Bloom Consolidation etc.      
Cooking ~ Mistress Waldetrudis von Metton
(  Food Lab (Food oven, open fire cooking, dressing game, clay pot cooking, bread making (raised & flat), An Early Meal - Viking Age, Dairy Products (cheese, butter), How did make a period cooking fire and banking coals)
Period Oven (in progress)
Cooking over an open fire
Spit Cooking
Meat processing
Food Prep

Glassworks ~ Master Thomas Blackmoor (Cip)
Period Kiln (tentative)
Lamp work

Brewing & Vintning ~ Mater Thomas Penyngton ( & Baron Henry of Exeter
Brewing & Vintning classes 
Small mead, cider, maybe cordials
Round Table tastings/discussions
IKBG (Inter-Kingdom Brewer's Guild) comp.
Storage of supplies and working brews

The “Great Machine” from Calontir ~ Master Gerald Goodwine (
Power Hammer
Bellows for Blacksmithing
Grinding Wheel

Iron Smelter ~ Darrell Markewitz  (
Darrell has worked as a consultant on the Viking Age, specifically related to museum programing and living history, since the early 1990's. He designed, built and installed the 'Norse Encampment' program for Parks Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC, and 'The World of the Norse' exhibit for the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Other major exhibit work includes assisting on 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga' for the Smithsonian Institution, and 'Full Circle - First Contact' for the Newfoundland Museum.  Come visit Wareham Forge in The Faire and see how it's done!

Darrell will give a lecture on the 19th, building a Bloomery on the 20th, and Smelting on the 21st.