Equestrian Activities
Equestrian Activities will be a HUGE part of 50 year!
Both the site itself; and the location make it ideal for this to be one of the largest Equine events in our history. This page will contain Vet information, as well as local supply vendors. Specific information about Coggins and other shot requirements will be posted here. Also look for the Frequently Asked Questions on the side.

Staff Deputy : Master Terafan Greydragon, OL, OP (Atlantia)
Master Terafan
Master Terafan has been an active participant of the SCA for over 25 years and an Equestrian marshal for over 10. His focus will be in the Equine activities to include Parades, Games, Jousting, historical demos, and competitions. He will also oversee all animal Activities for the event.. 
Equestrian Pre-Registration is Closed!
See the short article on the right side of the page for more information.

Schedule of Equestrian Activities

If you would like to sponsor/host an activity or competition, contact Master Terafan.

            NOTE: Hover over the activity *time* to see the activity description
Equestrian Facilities
The basic stalls are 10-ft x 10-ft stalls. For every 4 horse stalls, there will be one stall to be used as a "tack room" and storage for those 4 hours stalls. The intent is to provide some local storage and reduce the amount of running back and forth out to horse trailers in order to get equipment needed to groom and tack up the horses. Click the Eq Facilities FAQ link below to view detailed maps and pictures of the Equestrian Facilities.
Equestrian FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)
There are a couple different Equestrian FAQs.  Please send additional questions to the Equestrian marshal.

Are Coggins and Health Certs Required?
 *  The State of Indiana requires Coggins Tests and Health Certs for any equines transported from out-of-state. Due to the quantity and variety of horses coming onto site, *ALL* horses must have a negative Coggins certificate when they arrive on site. In other words, all horses must have a negative Coggins certificate, or the horse will not be allowed on site. All horses will have their paperwork checked when the equine come onto site.  

What do I do when I arrive on site?
 *  When you arrive on site, you will quickly pass through troll (without getting out of your truck) and then be instructed to drive down to the barn. Once at the barn, you will find the EqMiC to have your Coggins checked.
*  Once all the paperwork is straight, you will be given a map of the barn with your stalls identified, and you will be introduced to the Equestrian Camp Master who will let you know where you are parking your trailer, and if camping where you are camping.
Where is the nearest tack shop?
 *  There is a saddle, feed, and tack shop approx 1/2 mile (as the crow flies) from the barn. As the car drives... it is about 2/3 mile.
    Bragg's Saddle Feed-Tack Shop
    783 North County Rd 200 E, Danville, IN 46122
    Phone:(317) 745-9159

Equestrian Pre-Registration is Closed!
No horses will be allowed on site that are not pre-registered, and pre-registration is closed. There are no more stalls available.

All horses will be kept in stalls. Per site restrictions, temporary paddocks will not be allowed for keeping horses.
Click here for the list of those who have sent in pre-registration information
Equestrian Rentals
The Equestrian Marshals have found a rental horse string that can support the event.
Rental details and contact info can be found on the sidebar of the Equestrian Activities page.
Rental Riders must have a stall for the days they are planning to rent horses (and are required to pay their stall fee NLT 1 Jun).
Make sure you have a stall reserved for each horse before you arrange your rental. Here is the list of rental riders with a confirmed stall .
Equestrian Mailing List
We have an email list for any equestrian considering attending to get official information, to ask questions, to get clarifications, and to plan our activities. Please join at https://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCA-EQ-50YEAR. (While many people like to use Facebook, it is not an official channel for SCA 50-year Equestrian information.)