Equestrian Activities
Horses that are Pre-Registered for 50-year
Updated: 11 May Below is the list of horses that are pre-registered:  If you emailed your registration form (or rental form) and received confirmation of receipt (from Doe) but your name is not anywhere on one of the lists, it is possible we simply made an error and accidentally left you off. Before you panic, please check by sending an email to Doe and Terafan so we can look and confirm.
Horses on the current stall list
Kingdom Owner-SCA Name Owner-Modern Name Horse name Breed
AEthelmearcAalizSeverina BergHayleyBelgian
AEthelmearcGesaGesa WellensteinDaisyPerch
AEthelmearcGesaGesa WellensteinMapleBelgian
AEthelmearcKatherineKathleen HaakRedDraft cross
AEthelmearcPertolongan KucingynKerri SherSailorIcelandic
AEthelmearcShishido Tora GozenLynda WeinerMiraHalfinger
AEthelmearcShishido Tora GozenLynda WeinerRexArab/QH
AEthelmearcYsabeauPhoebe SharpFionnbharrPaint
AEthelmearcYsabeauPhoebe SharpFreyaBelg/QH
AnsteorraAlexisDave WiseLady BugPerch
AnsteorraAlexisDave WiseNoconaTW/Perch
AnsteorraArianLinda YoungTederBelgian
AnsteorraBritta MacGregorTiffany GeisendorfElvis?
AnsteorraEuleSteve HemphillLuckyQH
AnsteorraEuleSteve HemphillTinkerbellFriesian/perch
AnsteorraGaelynGalen BevelPeachesBelgian
AnsteorraGaelynGalen BevelPeteQH/Perch
AnsteorraGideon & BridgetJennifer Jobst & Sean GulickBregoPerch
AnsteorraGideon & BridgetJennifer Jobst & Sean GulickPaddington BearHalfinger
AnsteorraGideon & BridgetJennifer Jobst & Sean GulickTaran
AnsteorraGilyanApril ChipmanOnyxGrade/perch
AnsteorraGilyanApril ChipmanWreck-It RalphTB/Perch
AnsteorraHenri Hank ClarkAllyAndalusian
AnsteorraRobin of CambriaRobinDrummerDrum horse
AnsteorraTrista of HellsgateTrisa LutzChicoryAppaloosa
AnTirMachaMarti BancroftAceQH/App
AnTirMachaMarti BancroftFiestaLipizzan
AnTirMachaMarti BancroftGalahadLipizzan
AnTirMachaMarti BancroftRental
AnTirRapheal Robert OdekirkBourdainQH/TB
AnTirRapheal Robert OdekirkJaquesPerch
AtlantiaAlienor Laura Daly-BarrettGraceMorgan Perch
AtlantiaAlienor Laura Daly-BarrettMackAQHA
AtlantiaArielle de PontoiseNatalie BairdRobinDraft Mule
AtlantiaArielle de PontoiseNatalie BairdTristanDraft Mule
AtlantiaGiovanna DragonettiDawn RatzBig MamaPerch/Freisian
AtlantiaNemNancy FeltmanHottieAQHA
AtlantiaNemNancy FeltmanPennyAQHA
AtlantiaNemNancy FeltmanSpritzAQHA
AtlantiaRhys Terafan GreydragonPeter BarclayAkowTWH
AtlantiaRhys Terafan GreydragonPeter BarclayI Don't KnowTWH
CaidArabella Melissa MidzorOttoAndalusian/arab
CaidArabella Melissa MidzorZiaArab
CaidCourtneySherry Acton-SnowdenAngelMini
CaidDavidDavid Parish-WhittakerSkyeTB
CaidGabriel MacMahon Michael PettijohnBeauPaint
CaidGabriel MacMahon Michael PettijohnCadetWB
CaidGabriel MacMahon Michael PettijohnDaisyDraft/QH X
CaidGabriel MacMahon Michael PettijohnHueySuffolk Punch
CaidGabriel MacMahon Michael PettijohnPaigeQH
CaidGabriel MacMahon Michael PettijohnSaigeWB
CalontirEowyth Tiffany ParrettKaceyPaint
CalontirEringlinJim MyersMooseShire/TB
CalontirEringlinJim MyersSolomonSB/Percg
CalontirSaito & IseDave KaemmererButtonsMule
CalontirSaito & IseDave KaemmererKateMule
CalontirSaito & IseDave KaemmererMillyMule
CalontirSaito & IseDave KaemmererRose Mule
EastAnkaraNikki FourtzialasSephoraAppendix H
EastAnkaraNikki FourtzialasThunderPercheron
EastEleanorPatricia CrossBrandyQH
EastEleanorPatricia CrossMedallionCheval Canadian
EastEleanorPatricia CrossTesoroAndalusian
EastEllen du GrandchampLinda MurphyTaroArab
EastReinne ChevaletLoraineRed RaindropsMustang
EastTamara of many horsesStephanie Rapp-BrooksBobQH/Walker?
EastTamara of many horsesStephanie Rapp-BrooksEneyQH/TB
Gleann AbhannBrian and LorelieScott&LeslieLunaApp
Gleann AbhannBrian and LorelieScott&LeslieTannerApp
MiddleChrestienneRachel AlexanderMirassou PearlIrish Sport horse
MiddleCuMharaElizabeth KoprasMagicQH
MiddleEschina MacDonellKirsten SwensonMaximillianClydesdale/Morgan
MiddleGaspardVictor CabreraTWH
MiddleGwendolynnJennifer MahockerAceMini
MiddleGwendolynnJennifer MahockerKiraPaint
MiddleGwenllianTina LayneJasmineHalflinger
MiddleJennie Jean GrayAugust RainArab X
MiddleKatelineErin PotterKissyStnd Bred
MiddleKatelineErin PotterNew York MinuteThb
MiddleKiltegernAmy ThompsonBailyHalflinger/shetland
MiddleKiltegernAmy ThompsonSundanceMustang
MiddleLora Greymare Laura LecherMirameThb
MiddleLora Greymare Laura LecherSkyeQH
MiddleLucinda of AzuremontChristina ElliottDashArabian
MiddleLucinda of AzuremontChristina ElliottValentineMustang
MiddleMichael de QuarmbyMichael QuimbyBoThb
MiddleMughain Rose WeimerBostonFriesian/QH
MiddleProfessor Pieter van DoornVance VanDorenPushkiArab
MiddleProfessor Pieter van DoornVance VanDorenShadowQH
MiddleRhiannonKim WalbridgeRose the RampantHalflinger
MiddleRose de la Cumbe Kate ReisHeffieGypsy Cob
MiddleSofia CrivelliSharon KidderBellaQH
MiddleSofia CrivelliSharon KidderDaredevilMini
MiddleSyntycheof Elizabeth Ann LewisGradyQH
MiddleSyntycheof Elizabeth Ann LewisMidnightMini
MiddleZurielCindy BankIdleHour McHenryCleveland Bay/TB
NorthsheildAlissende de MontfauconTammyThompsonChewyAppendix
NorthshieldAlissende de MontfauconTammyThompsonEspadaAndalusian/TB
NorthshieldAnna Z PernstenjaJoyce MuellerMagicHalflinger
NorthshieldAnna Z PernstenjaJoyce MuellerObsydianFriesian sport
NorthshieldAnna Z PernstenjaJoyce MuellerTBD?
NorthshieldRichard of DeerhavenRichard Miller??? (Stallion)TB
NorthshieldRiva of Darkatone Rebbecca KeyMoonshine Ruthie BellPaint
NorthshieldSusanna Sparke of CheshireSonya ZieglerKissesMorab
OutlandsCecilia JuettaKim Creed(No name)Paint
OutlandsCecilia JuettaKim CreedIndyQH
OutlandsGwen de la CumbeTanya BarlowRowdyClydesdale
OutlandsKovacClint SmithKittyAQHA
OutlandsKovacClint SmithSagaQH
OutlandsKsenyaAmber SteinTontoQH
OutlandsMa'aniTiffany KeenEllyFriesian/QH
OutlandsRossilin KatrinShannon Moyes-ClarkEllieAQHA
TrimarisAlbredaKami LandyCalythioWelsh/arab
TrimarisMichelGary YeagerMay BonitaP.R.E.

Horses on the Waiting-For-a-Stall list
Kingdom Owner-SCA Name Owner-Modern Name Horse name Breed

Rental Horse Interest People with a Confirmed Stall...
pending rental confirmation NLT 1 Jun
# Kingdom Owner-SCA Name Owner-Modern Name
1AEthelmearcMichael of NorthwoodMichael Carroll
2AethlemearcAriella of ThornburyCara McCandless
3AethelmearcTigernach mac CathailRon Cudworth
4AnTirEdward Ean AndersonEdgar Carthell
5EaldomereIsobel FraochVictoria Brighton Thorpe
6EastAretemas MaximusAndrew Winter
7EastKatherine StanhopeKaren Tatro
8WestHenrik of HavnHenric Olsgaard
9EastLiliana Michaella of Cinnamon GroveSue Cannella
10AEthelmearcMaeve Ni SiurtainMichele Nufer
11AvacalRobert of Clan GunnRobert Simpson
12AvacalFergus TorynssonMurray MacGregor
Equestrian Facilities
The basic stalls are 10-ft x 10-ft stalls. For every 4 horse stalls, there will be one stall to be used as a "tack room" and storage for those 4 hours stalls. The intent is to provide some local storage and reduce the amount of running back and forth out to horse trailers in order to get equipment needed to groom and tack up the horses. Click the link below to view detailed maps and pictures of the Equestrian Facilities.
Equestrian Pre-Registration Required
No horses will be allowed on site that are not pre-registered AND have a paid stall. There is a stall fee of $35 for each 10 x 10 stall.
In order to better plan and arrange the stalls for those SCA horses that want to be stalled near one another, and simply to plan and organize for all the horses that will be coming to SCA 50-year, everyone MUST fill out and submit a horse pre-registration form. Please download the PRE-REGISTRATION FORM, fill it out, and email it (as an attachment) to the address indicated on the form.
Equestrian Rentals
The Equestrian Marshal is diligently working to find a couple of rental horse strings that can support the event, but those are seeming harder to find that originally thought. If you have a lead on some, please let Terafan know.
We have a lead on one string of 6 horses, and we shall see how that plays out for us. However, having a list of those who want to rent is helpful.
If you have not already done so, please fill out and submit horse rental interest form. Please download the RENTAL INTEREST FORM, fill it out, and email it (as an attachment) to the address indicated on the form.
Click here for the list of those who have sent in rental interest information
Equestrian Mailing List
We have an email list for any equestrian considering attending to get official information, to ask questions, to get clarifications, and to plan our activities. Please join at https://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCA-EQ-50YEAR. (While many people like to use Facebook, it is not an official channel for SCA 50-year Equestrian information.)
Coggins and Health Certs
The State of Indiana requires Coggins Tests and Health Certs for any equines transported from out-of-state. They will be checked when equines come onto site.  
Frequently Asked Questions
There are a couple different Equestrian FAQs.  Feel free to send a question to the Equestrain marshal in charge, and he will add it to the FAQ. 

What do I do when I arrive on site? -  When you arrive on site, you will quickly pass through troll (without getting out of your truck) and then be instructed to drive down to the barn. Once at the barn, you will find the EqMiC to have your Coggins checked. Once all the paperwork is straight, you will be given a map of the barn with your stalls identified, and you will be introduced to the Equestrian Camp Master who will let you know where you are parking your trailer, and if camping where you are camping.
Where is the nearest tack shop?  -  There is a saddle, feed, and tack shop approx 1/2 mile (as the crow flies) from the barn. As the car drives... it is about 2/3 mile.
    Bragg's Saddle Feed-Tack Shop
    783 North County Rd 200 E, Danville, IN 46122
    Phone:(317) 745-9159