Equestrian Facilities
SCA 50-year will have robust facilities for Equestrian Activities!

Below are some images of the facilities at the site for SCA 50-year Celebration.
Each image below is a thumbnail to a larger image.

Equestrian Facilities
The Site features a Covered Arena (125' wide x 250' long) with bleachers and a covered walk to the 150 stall Equine Center/Barn. 
Eq Facility map
  The barn has 150 stalls with a concrete floor. There is a dirt "make-up/prep area" that can be used to get ready for an activity.
The arena features bleachers and an announcer booth.   The arena can be lit at night to extend the hours of activities.  In addition there are multiple wash stalls and several turn out pens. 
The Equestrian facilites are fairly centrally located. Take a look at the equestrian facilities map on the rigth (it is a thumbnail to a bigger image) or download the Equestrian Facilities PDF, which has areas highlighted to show where camping, turnouts, and trailer parking are.  
A detailed review of all the equestrian facilities is below.   Check below for all the various pieces of information, including pictures, of the arena, turn out pens, archery, and trailer parking.  

 The Equine Center / Barn
Equine Center / Barn
        The stalls and make-up area of the barn.  
The barn has 150 stalls with a concrete floor. There is a dirt "make-up/prep area" that can be used to get ready for an activity.
Hay and shavings will be available for purchase on site. You can purchase more each day, and it will be delivered to the barn shortly after you purchase it.

There is a tack and feed shop less than 1 mile away, Bragg's Saddle Feed-Tack Shop. Details in the FAQ. 
Equestrian Stall Panels
    A view of the stall panels, showing the solid base (to about 4 ft up) and the narrow bars from there up (about 3 ft).
Equestrian Stall Latch
A close up of the horse stall latches. You will need to put a link or snap through the hole to prevent horses from opening it, and you will be able to put a lock in it on your tack stall if you desire to lock up your tack stall.  

 The Arena
Equestrian Arena-left end
        Left end of the Equestrian Arena.  
Equestrian Arena-right end
Looking right to the distant end of the arena.  
Equestrian Arena-right end
    From the right end, looking left back down the arena
Equestrian Arena-right end
The right end of the Equestrian Arena, with Announcer booth and covered walkway 

 Warm up Ring
Equestrian Warmup Ring
    There is a warm up ring behind the barn that will be available for use.  
Equestrian Warmup Ring from end
Another view of the warm up ring, from the end.  

Clean up Facilities
Eq Washracks
There are two washracks along the outside wall on the back of the barn and two washracks inside the barn. Each washrack has 3 washing positions.
Eq Washracks
Here is one of the inside washracks. The facility has plenty of wheelbarrows (36) for mucking out, however you will need to bring your own muck rake.  

 Turnout Areas
Eq Turnout
There are two round pens for turnout (with the 6-ft brown fencing).
Eq Turnout
In addition to the 2 round pens, there will be 4 other turnout areas, each 25 feet wide x 60 feet long, with mulch as the base.  

 Equestrian Camping
Eq Camping
One Equestrian camping area be from warm-up ring (with the white fence) to the row of trees.
Eq Camping
The other camping area is open area west of the main arena.  

 Trailer Parking
Eq Trailer Parking
Trailer parking may be a challenge, but there is space between the road and the fence (right of the road) to park trailers.   Notice we will have to work around some trees. 
Eq Trailer Parking
A shot from the other direction (standign about mid-point) along the trailer parking area. This road runs along the arena and the barn.  
Eq Trailer Parking
Living Quarter trailers will probably park along this area, where there is more space (and no trees) to maneuver around.


Equestrian Facilities
Frequently Asked Questions
What are details on the stalls?
  1. Stalls are 10 ft x 10 ft
  2. All stalls are on concrete. Ample shavings will be for sale on site, please budget/plan accordingly. Plan for 8-14 bags depending on how much you horse pees and how good a mucker you are. There are some commercial products such as Sweet PDZ or Smelleze that can help with the smell.
  3. Walls are solid up to 4ft, then ~3ft of narrow spaced bars. Other than the bars, there are no hooks to attach buckets or feeders to.
  4. You will need a clip to keep the stall door latched (latches are easy slide up for the horse).

What about renting stall mats?  -   Stall Mats are available for rent from Elite Stall Mat Rentals for $100 per stall. Elite Stall Mats uses "the highest quality 7/8" interlocking rubber stall mats" to protect horses. Each 10x10 stall is actually about 9'6" x 9'6" and will have a set of mats that are 8' x 9'.
Elite will:
  • Install the mats in your stall(s) before you arrive, and
  • Pick them up after you depart (after you have cleaned/emptied your stall).
Before installation, Elite uses a strict sanitization regimen (Santi-T-10 disinfectant preceded by a power wash with SynBioNt Ag Wash) to protect horses from illness.

If you want to use Elite Stall Mat Rentals, click the large logo below to arrange your rentals.
NOTES on filling out the Elite Mat rental form:
  • Ignore the field "Trainer Name or Stalling With". It is not a field we will use.
  • Leave the stall number blank as Terafan will tell Elite your stall #s before you arrive.
Stall Mat Provider

What about mucking and cleanout? -  You will need to *bring your own muck rake and shovel*. There are 36 wheelbarrels available, and the manure pile is just outside the horse barn on the west side.
 When you clearing out, you must empty the stall of shavings and hay. If you are renting stall mats, clean the stalls and follow the checkout instructions to let the company know you have departed and they will collect your stall mats.
What is the water situation?  -   There are water spigots around the barn, however there will NOT be hoses. You will need to carry water to you horse. There are flatbed handcarts to help carry water buckets.
What about hay?  -  Hay (both Timothy grass $7.50 and alfalfa $8.50) will be available on site for purchase. The hay will be delivered to the barn once it is purchased. The bales are typically ~50lbs. A typical horse will eat 3/4 to 1 bale per day.
What about shavings?  -  Shavings will be available on site for purchase at $7.50 per package. The on-site shavings are America's Choice Premium Mini Flake Shavings. America's Choice Premium Mini Flake Shavings are super absorbent, dust free, small sized flakes that keep stall maintenance easy. The shavings will be delivered to the barn once purchased.
What about turn out? -  There are currently 6 turn out areas arranged for our use. In order to manage turn outs, and allow everyone an opportunity, here are the rules for using the turn outs:
  • Limited to 30 min per horse, or 60 minutes for 2 or more horses turned out together. All times start at the top and bottom of the hour. If you start mid-way through a 30 minute slot and there is no one waiting at all when you begin, then you may finish the partial time slot and the next full 30-minute slot.
  • You must be within direct line of site of your horse/turn out at all times. No leaving your horse in the turn out while you run errands.
  • There is NO feeding in the turn out areas. No hay or grain or any other food items!
  • Clean up after your horse. Bring your muck rake!
  • Indicate your place in line (we'll have some methodology provided onsite, e.g. white boards or other)

What wash racks will be available? -  There are 2 indoor heated wash racks (one at the east end and one at the west end) and two outdoor wash racks on the north side of the horse barn. Each wash rack has three wash positions. The indoor wash racks will have hoses. Terafan is working to arrange hoses for the outdoor wash racks. If you would like to bring a hose for the outdoor wash rack, please let Terafan know. See the pictures of the wash racks in the "clean up facilities" section further down this page.
       Wash rack rules:
  • You must be actively washing/rinsing your horse while in the wash racks. No leaving your horse to dry.
  • Indicate your place in line by leaving a bucket.
  • No feeding your horse in the wash rack
  • Clean up after your horse. Bring your muck rake!

Where is the nearest tack shop?  -  There is a saddle, feed, and tack shop approx 1/2 mile (as the crow flies) from the barn. As the car drives... it is about 2/3 mile.
    Bragg's Saddle Feed-Tack Shop
    783 North County Rd 200 E, Danville, IN 46122
    Phone:(317) 745-9159

Where am I going to park my trailer? -  Trailer parking will on the west side of road that runs north-south on the west side of the barn and arena. See the Equestrian Facilities PDF for the map, and see the pictures in the "trailer parking" section below. Your specific space will be identified once you arrive on site.
Where are the activities going to be held? -  For most of the week, the main arena (250 ft x 125 ft) will be divided in two smaller "arenas", each 125 x 125, using movable fence panels, and these will be the primary location for the activities. The intent is to allow two different activities to be taking place at a given time. However, there are a few activities which will be conducted in the full size arena (with the dividing fence taken down). See the Equestrian schedule (on the main Eq page) to see where a specific will be held.