European Dance
Dance the Week Away at 50 Year!
The resonance of the music, the sounds of laughter and fun, the flamboyance of that Dance Master and Mistress, or just the smile on the face of your companion ~ all of these help draw you in to the enjoyment present at any dance event.  Now, you have that chance - at 50 Year.  Come and savor the festivities of dance for an entire week!  Learn a new galliard, or how to add that certain panache to your pavane. Laugh, learn....
Celebrate at the Celebration!
European Dance
For those who love to dance, there will be dancing every night, as late as we want to go.   Dances and classes are in air-conditioned rooms, in real buildings, so bring your finery!
At present we have our special event English/Shakespeare Theme dance, Italian Mask dance, and Founders Celebration with the founders of the Society in attendance.  We are also planning on plenty of just Plain 'ol Dancing, so there will be NO excuse to not dance to your heart's content, and perhaps your feet's lament!   Extended Dance Descriptions with Instructor, Genre, Difficulty Level, and Aerobic Level, and other particulars important to that activity can be found via popup when hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event for which you are interested.  You can also add these to your "My Schedule", once signed in, by clicking on the left hand column of the table.
European Dance Schedule
We have time for over 50 hours of classes. We are looking for dance teachers for all levels of classes, as well as people to help with running events and late-night dancing. Class slots are an hour long. Double length classes are an option. The deadline for submitting classes to appear in the event program book is May. Classes can be added later, as long as there are class slots open, but they will not appear on the printed schedule.
European Dance class proposals are collected at the following link ONLY :
Please do not use the general A&S class link to submit European Dance class proposals.
Contact Urraca or Darius with any questions or ideas.
Application to Teach
(same as regular A&S class form)
European Dance Deputy ~ Mistress Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa
Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa is the deputy for European Dance at 50 Year.
Please feel free to contact her with any inquiries related to this area.
Dance Music for 50 Year Celebrations:  Information for Musicians, Dance Masters/ Mistresses & Conductors ~

Lady Jolicia atte Northclyfe is the coordinator for the music and musicians for the various dances taking place at 50 Year. 

It is our hope to ensure that the dances will be a fun experience for musicians and dancers alike. Here’s what you need to know:


Most of the music that will be played at the balls is in the Pennsic Pile 50 Year Edition, which is the newly updated book of dance music arrangements that musicians and dancers use at Pennsic. This ensures that everyone is literally on the same page. A PDF of the book can be downloaded at :


  A few additional pieces that will be played can be found at :


Printouts of sheet music will not be provided by 50 Year staff. Please bring your own printed copies.

On Saturday June 18, Musica Subterranea will be playing for the ball. On Tuesday June 21, Wolgemut will be playing. On all other nights there will be an open band.

Dance music commonly known as "Not the Pennsic Pile" and any other sheet music not currently in the Pennsic Pile must be reviewed by 50 Year staff for copyright license usability before being played at the event. Please contact Lady Jolicia atte Northclyfe to submit sheet music for review.

Dance masters and mistresses, if you want live musicians to play music, set lists (the list of dances for a particular ball) must be sent to me by Sunday, May 1.


Musicians of all abilities are welcome to join the dance ensemble. Period instruments are preferred but appropriate modern instruments (flute, acoustic guitar, trombone, cello, violin, ect.) are welcome as well.

The dates and times of the balls will be posted here (or elsewhere on the 50 Year website) as soon as the information is available. 

Please follow this link: 

Sign up for Musicians  to play for the dances. 

The sign-up deadline for musicians is June 1.

NOTE: Please add "European" or "Middle Eastern" when signing up!


We need experienced ensemble leaders for each dance. The ensemble leader will coordinate with the dance mistress / master and conduct the ensemble. If you are willing to be an ensemble leader, please indicate this on the form.

For any questions about musicians for European Dance Music, please email Lady Jolicia atte Northclyfe (

Who can Dance?
All are welcome to come and enjoy the many types of European Dance that are performed in the SCA.  

Do note, however, that some of the dances are very difficult, and/or heavy in their level of exercise!  

But, don't be shy, there are classes for all level of dancers - from beginning to expert.  Plus, don't be afraid to try something new...teachers are there to help you learn and understand.  

For more detailed information about the classes, go to the European Dance Description page.