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Arts & Sciences Class Schedule
This Schedule is our general list of A&S Classes, Demos and Activities.  You may see some of them on the General Schedule, as well as listed here...  For listings of other events, follow the links in the drop down menus above.

 You can now get further information on events, via popups, on the A&S Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in! Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).

~ Activities listed as All Day run from approximately 10am until 5pm
~ Locations may change as Acitvity requirements dictate

Monday, June 27th, 2016 ~ Farewell, Friends!
12 Noon: Please be off site by this time.  
As always, try to leave the site cleaner than it was found.  
Any help picking up is greatly appreciated.  No one is paid to do this, we are all volunteers.
So Long, and Thanks for the Memories!!!

Baroness Cathryn of Chester, OL, OP
Cathryn of Chester
Baroness Cathryn is in charge of our A&S activities and coordination, if there is a class, demo, display or other related activity you would like to do, please contact her!
Want to Teach Something?
Want to sponsor an A&S activity/demo/class but need more info??  Contact : 

Baroness Cathryn of Chester

If you wish to REGISTER to TEACH.... use this form:

A&S Working Socials

These Working Socials are to provide an opportunity for like-minded folks to gather together in a social setting.  You can bring your own tools, equipment, and supplies or borrow extra supplies which may be available for you to have-a-go if this looks like something that interests you.  Donations for common supplies will be gratefully accepted.  Feel free to just stop by, ask questions, and watch artisans at work even if you don’t wish to partake. 


Fiber Arts


Socials will be held at the A&S Annex ~  come by and join in a session....chat, learn, work, enjoy!

Want to sponsor an A&S Working Social??  Contact :
 Baroness Cathryn of Chester (ArtsandScience@sca50year.org)
Visit The Artisans' Sqaure
What is The Square?  This is an area in set aside for live Demos, Classes and Workshops, as well as the chance to possibly get a "hands on" approach to SCA arts and crafts.   Open 10am - 5pm daily.  Artisans may decide to stay open later at their own desire.

Stroll through The Village and come to The Squareto experience The Great Machine, The Glass Blower, The Blacksmith, Domestic Arts.... you name it, it will likely be there for you to experience!  

For more detailed information, see the Artisans Square page.