Youth Activities
Youth Activities & Youth Martial Activities
As we celebrate 50 years of recreating the middles ages, we look to the Youth as part of our future.  The best way to keep the Youth interested is to include them and continue to make them feel a part of our great organization.  In this spirit, we will be offering Youth Classes and activities specifically aimed for the young (under 18) students and apprentices in our organization as well as Youth Martial Activities.
Youth Activity Schedule
The following is the current schedule for Youth Activities.  Class Information is available via popup when you hover your cursor over the TIME column in the table.  Unless otherwise noted, these events will be held in the Youth Area [Pavillion B].  You can add these classes to your "My Schedule", once signed in, by clicking on the blank column on the left of the table.
Volunteers are being requested to teach a Youth Class; Adults and Youth alike!  Never taught a Youth class?  No problem, help is available for making the class Youth and/or Family friendly.  Here are some ideas:
•    Basic belly dancing moves
•    Basic Heraldry (food items or cardboard shields work great)
•    Period songs
•    Period games
•    Making period dolls (peg dolls/knights or yarn dolls are a few options)
•    Illumination (coloring, painting, drawing)
•    Making a wooden sword or even construction paper sword
•    Weaving basics or spinning
•    Making period accessories such pouches, book covers, jewelry, etc.
•    Cooking or food basics
•    Medieval life or animals
•    Anything YOU find fascinating!
If offering to teach please either email the information to me or complete the following :
In addition to fun classes, there will be:

Youth Activity Marshal:  Helping the Coordinator create, supervise and run Youth Martial activities for 50 Year.  
Baron Gebhard (Middle Kingdom) will be taking point as the Youth MiC.   For Youth Combat information, go to the Youth Combat page!
Mistress Cerridwen verch Iorword, OL (Midrealm)
Cerridwen verch Lorword
Mistress Cerridwen has been a member of the Society for 18 years and a Youth Officer at large in the Midrealm.  She has run Youth Activities for years in that time.  She has also served as Seneschal, A&S Champion and Royalty Liaison.  As a Laurel and Baroness of Brendoken, she is a firm believer in the importance of including and engaging the Youth in what we do.
Youth Activity Rules
  1. Youth Activities is not a babysitting service! Volunteers of Youth Point and teachers are not responsible for the Youth!

  2. Youth are permitted to participate in the Class/Activity without a Parent/Guardian.  As such, a Youth may wonder in and out as they wish or be dropped off by a Parent/Guardian.

    1. The ability of Youth to wonder without an adult is up to the Parent/Guardian.

    2. If the Parent/Guardian drops the Youth off at class, they will be expected to pick them up at the end of the class - not hours later. Any Parent/Guardian who abuses this privilege will result in the Youth being unable to attend Classes/Activities without said Parent/Guardian.

  3. Youth attending Classes/Activities are expected to be mindful and respectful to the individual(s) running the Class/Activity.  Youth found creating an issue will be required to have a Parent/Guardian with them at all times and/or be removed from participation in Youth Activities.

  4. Parents/Guardians of Youth shall have ultimate responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their Youth at all times. It is the responsibility of the Parents/Guardians who brings a Youth to an event to ensure that the Youth is safe and not in danger.

  5. Youth participating in activities are expected to assist with clean up and helping to keep the space clean.

Youth Class Info
Youth classes will be offered starting on Saturday, June 18th from 2-4, then throughout the week from 10-4, with Wednesday being a joint A&S and Youth day.  On Saturday, June 25th classes will be offered from 10-2.
NOTE:  Deadline for signing up to teach or run a Youth Activity/Class is May 6, 2016 with a plan to publish a finalized schedule no later than May 20, 2016.