A&S 50/50 Challenge

A&S 50/50 Challenge
The SCA 50/50 Year Challenge is about making 50 of something that evokes the medieval times we look to recreate.  It could be 50 items or pieces of a new art, 50 of a complex item, or 50 different items in a single theme.  Some are concentrating on breadth of work in a particular era or place; others are concentrating on depth in a particular field such as metal work or weaving.  Whatever you decide to do, it is about challenging yourself to learn and do more. 

Below are some pictures and links to some of the current 50/50 Challenge participants.  

An Embroidered History of the SCA
SCA Tapestry
Lady Judwiga Vladescu decided to take on the ambitious project of recording the history of the SCA in embroidery. It is on track to be finished for the 50 Year Celebration, and will be displayed there. Follow this project on its home page, complete with events that will be embroidered in future panels at:  Bayeux Tapestry

50 New Patterns/Items
Tiarna Brann mac Finnchad, from the West, has decided to take on a material culture challenge of 50 different.....things.  This includes 50 different patterns or items.  These are to be period items that could have been used.  Some items already in progress are working replicas of coats, hoods, hats, documentation and tools.  Take a look at the complete list at:  Tiarna's 50 for 50
50 German Renaissance Artifacts
Genoveva von Lübeck has taken on the project of making 50 German Renaissance Artifacts such as textiles and objects that would have been used by her persona.  Take a look at her progress here: Genoveva's 50 
7 Times 50 Year Challenge
Cathryn of Chester, from the Midrealm, has taken on a HUGE challenge.  Her intent is to do the 50/50r Challenge, not once, but seven times over.  She has pledged to do 50 Hand-made kits, 50 scrolls, 50 Needlework projects, 50 10th Century studies, teach 50 Classes, 50 separate A&S promotional activities and 50 Research projects!  Wow!  We are not sure if she plans to sleep, but you can follow her progress at:   7 Times the 50 Challenge    
50 Poems
THL Colyne Stewart, of Ealdormere, is taking up the Challenge with 50 poems about the event itself! Good luck! There is plenty of material to write about! Read about them here:  50 Poems  
50 Persona Details
Maestra Giata Magdalena Alberti has entered the Persona Challenge by doing, making, and/or learning 50 things that her persona would know about, have, or know how to do.

Giata , widow of Signor Mateo Barbaro, was born in Florence (1480), married in Venice (1494), and is now responsible for her father’s household in Venice, Italy.

More information is available at  Maestra Giata's Persona

Maestra Giata Magdalena Alberti, OL
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
Traveler, Dreamer, Italophile, Researcher, Herald, A&S Champion
~Ancora Imparo~
50 Molds & 50 Gems
Rekon of Saaremaa, from the Kingdom of CAID has taken on two challenges that she has worked on: Martial Arts at SCA 50 Year... come and see what's happening!
    50 hand-carved molds for casting (a pewter challenge), and
    50 intaglio-carved gems.
She is still putting the displays together, and will have pictures as soon as she gets them done.
50 Songs
Lord Declan of Drogheda, from the Kingdom of Lochac, took up this challenge :  50 performances in song at SCA events. Declan's set personal rules were:  1. No filk,  2. Period songs only,  3. A song could be repeated once only  4. Singing as part of a group also counted (though this only happened twice) ~ there was an informal rule of no more than two songs per session.

50 Knitters
 Hannah undertook the A&S 50/50 challenge a number of years ago.  She began teaching basic knitting class and taught no other classes until she had taught 50 people to knit.  The Society needs new knitters more than they need 50 pouches.  She met a lovely gal whose mother was a Home Economics teacher way back when they still called it that.  Her mother had passed and left behind 30 sets of identically sized knitting needles.  Hannah gathered yarn from thrift stores, hand-me-downs, and grandmothers and met many people who loved their yarn and a few who hated it.  She took it all and passed it on to new knitters in a kit.  Every student left with patterns, needles, and yarn.

50 Banners
Madame Cynthia du Pont, from the Kingdom of Meridies, created 50 silk banners for the A&S 50/50 challenge.  She has been making silk painted banners for many years, and challenged herself to make 50 for this event.  
For a look at her varied styles and work, go to:    Madame du Pont's Silk Banners.   (Her entries include banners 48-97.)

50 Period Articles...and then some!
THL Johnnae llyn Lewis did accomplish her personal challenge of completing 250, or Five times Five, in the Society’s 50/50 Challenge.

In 2007, THL Johnnae set out to research, write, submit, and have published original articles on topics ranging from cookery & drinks, recipes, folklore, symbols, holidays, book reviews, bibliographic & historical reading guides,  & notes on sources. She also created a variety of CD collections and booklets for Royalty, plus research files for various Yahoo E-lists. After completing her initial A&S 50, she continued. Her articles in the past few years appeared in publications and on websites across the Known World. In 2012 the Society awarded Johnnae with a William Blackfox Award.  Additionally, she has transcribed, edited, & annotated two Elizabethan cookery books dating from 1573 and 1602/1608 for medieval cookery.com. In April 2015,  Johnnae completed her goal of 250 by creating and publishing her first blog on sugar and subtleties. Read Subtleties & Stuffe here at: http://commonplaceboke.blogspot.com

What are YOU working on???
Arts & Sciences 50/50 Challenge at the 50 Year Celebration  
The A&S 50/50 Challenge Display will be held on Saturday, June 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m in the Main Hall (part of the Great Hall).

The Challenge involved doing 50 things in the area of Arts and Sciences in honor of the SCA's 50th Birthday.

All 50/50 Challenge participants are invited to display their projects at the 50 Year Celebration. The display is open to those who completed their Challenge projects, as well as those who did not. Our goal was finishing up 50 things, but anything that was accomplished, or is in progress, is a bonus to the Arts & Sciences and should be shared.

If you don’t have all 50 items from your Challenge in your possession, photographs may be substituted. Documentation is welcome, but not required.

Bardic A&S projects are welcome. Please note your bardic entry when you register, and we will contact you about a performance time.

Other helpful information:

Challenge participants are encouraged to sit with their displays for at least part of the day. We will have helpers to keep an eye on the displays, but be aware that you display projects at your own risk. Think of ways to keep your items safe.

We will have helpers to take lunch orders from the food court, or sit with your display while you get lunch. Water will be available.

Participants can set up their displays from 9 to 10 a.m., and tear down between 5 and 6 p.m.

Each participant will be assigned an 8-foot table.

These items will be provided: Tables, tablecloths, chairs, power cords, token bowls, signs listing each participant’s name and small notebooks.

Want to register?

SCA A&S 50/50 Challenge


Email either:
The A&S Coordinator ~
Baroness Cathryn of Chester
at  baroness_cat@hotmail.com,
or her deputy ~
 Lady Jolicia atte Northclyfe
at Washington.julie@gmail.com.

SCA 50/50 Challenge is not affiliated with, nor endorses in any way, Arts &Sciences 50 Challenge.  All other SCA names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the SCA Inc. 
What are YOU working on?
Ever wondered what it would be like to completely immerse yourself in a project, one that created a great many items, or went in many directions and included almost everything that pertained to that recreation of something medieval?  Well then, the 50/50 Challenge is for you!

If you would like to be featured, tell us what your challenge is, and perhaps give us a link to where we can send people for more pictures and/or information, and we will post it here on our 50/50 Challenge page.

If you are looking to participate in the 50/50 Challenge, please contact Baroness Cathryn :  ArtsandScience@sca50year.org
Other A&S Displays
Interested in what other items folks have been working on or what will be on display at 50 Year?  Then come and visit our A&S 50 Year Displays!  

For more information, come see the A&S Daily Display listing.