Blue Chip Events
What is a Blue Chip Event?
Blue Chip
The “Blue Chip” events are the very best of the best that the Society has to offer. Throughout the event we will be designating “Blue Chip” events that are not to be missed. Expect higher attendance than normal, but also the very best display of the activity featured. Whether it is a Passage of Arms in the High Medieval Style, or a live Joust, you can expect pageantry, and beauty. Please, if you join us, and we highly encourage you do, as you are part of the show as well, make an effort to hide the modern accessories. We are all a part of what will make these events a success!

A separate schedule of Blue Chip events will be published on this page and we are attempting to have as few of them conflict as possible - or at least not overlap for too long. Theoretically, you could go from one event to the next all day, and see all the greatest things the Known World has to offer.  Also, Blue Chip Events will be in Blue Text for quick reference, and also note Blue Chip Event in the description pop up.

Have an idea for an event? Contact our event coordinator THL Odette d'Amboise at:
Blue Chip Events
As you go throught the sites and event schedules, you may see that some are in BLUE TEXT.... these will be those events noted as Blue Chip Events.  This will help you to select high profile classes, tournaments, performances, etc. for your "My Schedule".  Also, as they are highlighted as Blue Chip Events, they will appear on this Blue Chip Event page Schedule.
My Schedule
You can now use the "My Schedule" tool to create your very own schedule for 50 Year!

Simply select, from the ACTIVITIES drop down menu above, "My Schedule".  This will take you to the My Schedule page, where all areas with shedules are listed.  

Once you sign in [using your 50 Year user ID and password], you can go from schedule to schedule and select the events you wish to attend [in the left hand, click in blank colum ]. Once you do, a "check mark" next to that time and event will appear.  This means it is now part of your "My Schedule".  To remove it, simply click on the "check mark" and it will be deleted.