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Together with the hard work of A&S community and staff, we will provide many opportunities to showcase the awesome artisans of the SCA and encourage a welcoming, learning environment to build on existing skills or delve into new experiences through the following:

Artisans Square with Demos and Workshops * A&S Classes
* Persona Displays * Daily A&S Themed Displays of Arts and Crafts
* Dancing * Live Performances
* Fashion Shows  (Adult, Youth, Persona) * Music
* Period sets for Photo Opportunities * A&S 50/50 Challenge Exhibition
* Interactive Challenges/Games/Activities * Persona Time Line

Our Arts & Sciences schedule of events is being worked on constantly. If you are interested in teaching, performing, dancing or other Arts & Sciences activities, please contact
Baroness Cathryn ( The A&S crew is here to help!  Please check out the other A&S pages, as they are packed full of information!

Daily A&S Themed Displays

Each day we have a chance to show how far we have come in the Arts & Sciences within the Society based on specific themes in the Great Hall.   These displays can be static or active.  You can choose to demo one-on-one from your display if you wish.  Considering the nature of this event and the distances some attendees need to travel from, displays can be in the form of electronic media, photographic, or the actual physical project or performance.   You do not need to be present with your display but it is your responsibility to find someone who is willing to bring your display, set it up, look after it if necessary, and remove it at the end of each day it is on display.

You may display an item on more than one day if you feel it fits multiple categories.  It does not necessarily have to fit a category if you can only attend on a day that has been dedicated to another but it is suggested that you try to come close if at all possible.

Fashion Shows are included on the Costuming day (as a Time Line Fashion Show), Youth A&S Day (as any piece of clothing or personal accessory that is made by a Youth, even with assistance), and the A&S 50/50 Challenge Day (as a Persona Outfit). 

To participate in the Timeline, Persona, or Youth, Fashion Shows, please complete this form:  FASHION SHOW.

Our pride in the skill and knowledge of the Artisans of the SCA will be on show here.  Please come to view the work on display and leave a comment and or a small token with the display if you feel the effort of the Artisan moves you to do so.  I especially encourage the Laurels to take the time to participate in the displays as well as view and comment on your fellow Artisans’ crafts.

Space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so please complete the registration form for each day you wish to present your projects. 

To reserve your spot for your Project for Display, please complete this form:   A&S Display Registration.

Saturday  6/18 - Textiles Day Sunday  6/19 - Costumes & Accessories with a Time Line Fashion Show
Processing, manipulating, or decorating

    Examples include but are not limited to:
        Bead work
        Narrow wares
        Knotted work
        Lace making
        Misc. Textile Arts
        Fiber processing
        Fabric manipulation

To register for your item for this Display:  A&S Display Registration
Costumes you have made or created and the personal accessories worn with them.  They can be made for adults or youths.  The fashion show is primarily for full costumes with their proper accessories and will be done from early to later period with all cultures and classes encouraged.  

    Examples include but are not limited to:
        Pouches/carry sacks/ etc.
        Personal grooming equipment
        Personal accoutrements such as keys, tools, or weapons, etc.

For more information on the Time Line, look to the side Feature Bar.
To register for your item for this Display:  A&S Display Registration
Registration for the Fashion Show is required:  FASHION SHOW

Monday  6/20  - Domestic Arts Day Tuesday  6/21  - Technological / Studio Arts Day
All things household that haven’t fit elsewhere

   Examples include but are not limited to:
         Animal Accouterments
         Animal Husbandry
         Brewing and Vintning
         Herbcraft & Apothecary
         Misc. Domestic Arts & Sciences
         Soap making
         Candle making
         Hair, nails, and Skin products

To register for your item for this Display:  A&S Display Registration
Technical Arts and Studio Arts minus any Scribal or Painting specific arts
Examples include but are not limited to:

Toy Making Armor
Weapons Casting
Coin Striking Instrument Making
Iron Working Tool Making
Misc. Technological Sciences Research
Siege Engines Skeletal Materials
Wood Construction Wood Carving
Wood Turning Ceramics & Pottery
Decorative Metalwork Sculpture
Stone carving Glass Work (Blown or Stained glass)
Lamb Work Lapidary
Misc. Studio Arts & Sciences Leather work / Tooling
Architecture Astrology
To register for your item for this Display:  A&S Display Registration
Wednesday  6/22  - Youth A&S Crafts and Display Day with Youth Fashion Show (all topics) Thursday  6/23  - Scribal / Painting Day
Youth will be offered a number of crafts stations with three skill levels where they can learn about a variety of medieval crafts in a manner adjusted to be age appropriate {3-6, 7-11, 12 & above}.  They must have a parent or guardian with them at all times.  Donations to assist with craft materials would be appreciated but *not* required.

There will also be a Youth Display for any projects they have crafted for the majority on their own (some assistance is allowed).  The Youth Fashion Show is for those pieces of clothing or personal accessories attempted by the youth not pieces made for a youth by an adult. 
The Artisans’s Village has been asked to take part in the Youth theme on this day but not all crafts lend themselves well to young children and may only be a spectator arrangement.
**Teachers and volunteers are needed in great numbers to offer this program!** Please contact Lady Marjorie de Ffeyrefeld if you are willing to assist, (

    Examples include but are not limited to:
        Projects they attempted in a class but may not have completed
        Finished crafts used for other competitions, displays, or A&S faires
        Play Doh Pottery

To register for your item for this Display:  A&S Display Registration
Registration for the  Fashion Show is requested :  FASHION SHOW
Anything made with Calligraphy/illumination/with a paint brush or for the support of such products

    Examples include but are not limited to:
        Law papers
        Book Binding
        Still Life Paintings
        Painting (any medium) or Staining
On wood, ceramic/pottery, fabric, metal, leather, glass, bone, paper, etc.
        Scribal/Painting tools and equipment
        Henna Art
        Screen Printing
        Block Printing

To register for your item for this Display:  A&S Display Registration
Friday  6/24  - Performing Arts / Props Day Saturday  6/25  - A&S 50/50 Challenge Day with Persona Fashion Show
All things to do with Performing as well as Displays of the tools and equipment used to accomplish this including accessories and props
    Examples include but are not limited to:
Bardic Recitation
Middle Eastern Dance
European Dance
Demonstrations of Period Activities
Dramatic Performance
Misc. Performance Arts
Music Performance
Choral Performance
Play Writing
Costumes (as in not every day period wear but a true costume)

Registration for Static Display:  STATIC PERFROMANCE DISPLAY
For Actual Performances, visit : Performing Arts
We ask that you complete all 50 pieces of your Challenge - but it is not required.  If you have attempted 50 items, then please submit them for the Challenge.  Remember that you decide what challenged you to see if should count as a Challenge item.  However, you may enter more than one Challenge.  Registration is required and room is provided on a first come first served basis. 
Coordinator:  THL Jolicia atte Northclyfe  (

     Examples include but are not limited to:
50 items in Depth
(50 similar items to get better at doing that craft as an Apprentice might do)
50 items in Breadth 
(50 unrelated items that helped you build your knowledge base, say 50 classes to learn 50 things)
50 items from your Persona
(50 pieces your persona would learn to make, do, or perform)

Registration for the 50/50 challenge:  SCA A&S 50/50 Challenge
Registration for the  Fashion Show is requested :  FASHION SHOW
For more information on the Persona Time Line & Competition, see the Feature Bar to the right.

 Baroness Cathryn of Chester, OL, OP
Mistress Cathryn
 Baroness Cathryn has participated in the SCA for 34 years, starting in College.  She has traveled extensively sharing her passion for the Arts & Sciences with like-minded people in five different kingdoms around the world.  She has held numerous offices covering all levels of the SCA from local groups to Society deputy.  

A&S Displays & You
Calling all artisans!!  
We'd like to display Your work!

Please have a look at the Display Theme Days on this page that will be presented for the attendees of the 50 Year Event.  If you have something you would like to show in the Displays, let us know....the more the merrier!  

You are encouraged to include your A&S items for display!  Please follow this link to fill out our for to be added:

A&S Display Registration

Contact: Baroness Cathryn (
A&S Classes and Meet & Greet Gatherings
Classes are being scheduled in blocks of one hour.  There are slots available from Saturday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm in multiple locations throughout the event.  Some are indoor, some are under cover of a pole barn, some are out in tents, and yet still others are out in the open air subject to the weather.  We will accommodate as many as we possibly can and are actively seeking instructors!

It is encouraged to schedule the Meet & Greet Gatherings for the evenings.  If you have a group of people who would like to catch up with each other, get it on the schedule so we can help get the word out for you.

Coordinator:  THL Eva van Oldebroek
Period Photo Opportunities
For groups up to 6-8 persons in the A&S Hall 

Anyone is welcome to use their own photography equipment to take their own pictures from
Saturday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm
We are also looking to have some SCA Photographers available to take more formal pictures via a sign up list on site.

Proposed backdrops currently include:
        10th c. Early Period Norse
        14th c. French
        16th c. English
        Generic Medieval Background

If you would like to help assist in this endeavor, please contact Baroness Cathryn of Chester ~ (
A&S 50/50 Challenge
Take a look at what people are doing for their SCA 50 Year Challenge!!

 Arts & Sciences 50/50 Challenges

To register for the 50/50 Challenge Display, please follow this link:
SCA A&S 50/50 Challenge

SCA 50/50 Challenge is not affiliated with, nor endorses in any way, the Arts & Sciences 50 Challenge.  All other SCA names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the SCA Inc.
Persona Development &
Period Timeline Encampment
Persona demonstrations will be happening all week long! Divided up into different days by persona region, the participants will be discussing, performing, and displaying many areas of their research including:  costuming, everyday life, and much more.

Come and see all of their hard work, and perhaps learn something to apply to your own SCA persona!


Monday- African (From Ethiopian to Moroccan)
Tuesday- Norse, Viking, and Scandinavian
Wednesday- Iberian Peninsula & Muslim persona
Thursday- Northern Western European
Friday- Eastern European and the Far East
Saturday- SCA50 Year Persona Display

If you are interested in participating, you still can!

Even if you have not pre-registered for the event, we are still accepting participants. Please find event staff and we will get you set up with space.
Baroness Verena Entenwirth
IF you are interested in having a complete Period Prescence along the Promenade at 50 Year, please follow the link below for more detailed information:


Hearken! For those of you who are interested in a good challenge.... there is a Persona Challenge for 50 Year as well.   Here is the link to sign up:

Persona Competition
In addition to all of the wonderful A&S activities offered at the SCA 50 Year Celebration there will also be a Persona Competition.  To be completed by the end of the week-long event, this 3-tiered competition (Youth, Novice, and Advanced) offers a venue in which participants may showcase their authentic pre-17th Century persona.

Novice Level: For those that have just begun to apply their research to the creation of persona-appropriate items and character.  Contestants will undergo five unique challenges throughout the course of the event.

Advanced Level: Open to those who have made a significant investment in the research & development of an historically accurate personae.  Competitorrs at this level will face eight unique challenges. 

Youth Level: Is designed to encourage your society's youth to begin persona research at an early age.  They will take part in two challenges and complete an activity book before the end of the celebration.

Pre-registration deadline : June 1, 2016