The Range is our dedicated space for Archery, and right in the middle of all the fun.  This means you don't have to walk to the other side of the world to participate!  Stroll through The Village and enjoy the sites & sounds, turn east near the Equestrian Arena, walk past the trees, and you'll be headed right towards The Range.  Once inside, you will note that down range there is an elevated berm, followed by open space, the 15 foot fence, more open space, then woods and a creek before we get to the nearest populated area.  This arrangement allows us to be near the activities, and still remain safe.  

If your Kingdom or group would like to sponsor a shoot, by all means contact the Archery Marshal and get on the schedule!  The schedule will allow for, and have Open Range time as well.  Check back for updates.

This is YOUR event, and a great opportunity to show off what makes your Kingdom great!!

Archery Activities
You can now get further information on events, via popups, on the Archery Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in! Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).  The Archery schedule has been laid out in hour blocks so that you may easily enter how long you wish to attend The Range during a day .
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Forester Padraig MacRaighne (Midrealm)
Forester (Midrealm GOA Award for Archery) Padraig MacRaighne has been a Society Member and Warranted Archery Marshal since CE 1989. He serves as the Middle Kingdom Kingdom Archery Marshal. He has also served as a Local Seneschal, held several positions in the Barony of Northwoods, and is an established and well recognize figure in the Archery community.  
E-mail at

Have a Shoot you want to Sponsor?
Is there something that you have seen that went well? 
Want to try it here?  

How about something your Kingdom does really well? Come share it with us.

We can schedule into the Open Shoot days, any number of contests that you may find competetive and/or fun!

If you are interested, contact the Archery Marshal :  for scheduling and other information that you may need!
Shoot Descriptions
There will be volunteers from Regions from within the Middle Kingdom sponsoring some of the Open Range days.  These fine individuals have dedicated their time to helping run the range throughout the day.  Remember to say "thanks" to them!!

Open Shoot ~  Varies
The Range is open for all archers to come and shoot - for practice, or to best that personal score.  

NOTE: Any scheduled Rounds or Events will take precedent.  
Known Worlde Champions Shoot  ~ Wednesday, 6/22
Individual contests and 3 member teams to compete, A&S Bean Count to be judged by any/all  Royalty and Royal Peers in attendance.

Crossbow Tournament  ~  Thursday, 6/23
Crossbows will be used on this shoot with varying targets.  Slo-Bows Crossbow and matched bolts as the prize.

Rose Tourney  ~  Friday, 6/24
The Members of the Order of the Rose will be sponsoring teams participating in a multi-format Tournament held throughout the day.  One of the members of each team is an archer. The archers will shoot as per the designed rules for this event and report to their individual Rose.  This is a Blue Chip event - come and watch the competition as these fine marksmen shoot for the honor of the Roses of the Known World!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do we have The Range all to ourselves?
Yes and No.  There is a specific arena that we share  with Thrown Weapons and possibly, Siege activities. Each area has it's own designated location, with no overlap or "sharing" where any cross fire may occur.  However, this does allow for all of these activities to be near one another. The location is also close to the Promenade and camping.

2. What is The Range like?  
We have full stadium seating and an easy walk to the main village area.  It is fenced in on all sides, which will allow for better safety.   (The site is a "Tractor Pull" area for the Fairgrounds, level terrain, and a 15 foot fence with slats enclosing it.)

3. Will there be equipment to borrow?
We are looking in to this.  It is best that you bring your own equipment (as with any sport, having gear you are familiar with is always best), or borrow from someone you know and is okay with this.

All times and schedules are tentative. People from all Kingdoms are invited to sponsor tournaments. As at Pennsic, any Archery Marshal or equivalent may keep the Range open later for a special shoot or tournament, such as Lord Narran's "Period only" shoot.