SCA 50th Anniversary
June 17 - 27, 2016
Danville, IN   USA
  • Heraldic Display
  • Equestrian
  • Rapier Combat
  • Hawks and Hounds
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Tournaments
  • The Finest Arts
  • Heavy Combat
  • The Best of Classes
Welcome to the SCA 50 Year Celebration !

SCA 50 year is upon us!  What started out as a backyard party in 1966 has grown into an international organization with over 30,000 members, and perhaps that many more non-member participants.  In celebration of the 50 years of living history, the Society for Creative Anachronism will be hosting a 50 Year Celebration in Danville, Indiana, June 17-27, 2016.

The 50 Year Celebration is hosted by the SCA for the come and share what we know and enjoy with our brothers and sisters from across the Known World. This is a Society-wide event, sponsored by and for YOU!

Interesting Things To See !
Not only will there be great bouts, fine artisan classes, delicious foods and unbelievable equestrian activities, BUT, at the 50 Year event, you will also find some very interesting and thought provoking items.  Here are just a few for you to find and enjoy ~

A Historic Sutton Hoo Presentation ~  

sutton hooDuke Talymar has worked to create a complete, life sized, recreation of the Sutton Hoo dig as it would have been first layed out.  Come and see history as it was made, the moving example of reverance for one laid to rest and sent upon their final journey....  As important as the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb was to Egyptian archeology, so was the discovery of the ship burial at Sutton Hoo Farm to Anglo-Saxon archeology.  The presentation will take place beside the full-scale model of the burial chamber with the items discussed ‘in situ’.

When:    Tuesday, June 21st, 1pm-3pm
Where:   A&S Hall

The Wonder of The Great Machine ~


This dog-powered 8-ft diameter treadwheel will be displaying the glory of Calontir at the SCA 50 year celebration.

The machine is a 16th c tread-wheel ran by dogs. The Tread-wheel like windmills, water wheels and so forth, were called prime movers.  It in turn powers a grinding wheel, power hammer, and bellows for a blacksmith shop.  

When:  Througout the 50 Year Event

Artisans Square

The Sounds of the Joust ~

joustThe 50 Year event is host to a myriad of equestrian activities - but many find the most thrilling the combat of the joust.  Riders and horses become one to test their skill against another foe, to see who can best the other.  There will be a few of these, but the Finals of the Foam Lance should prove to be a great event.  And, for those who wish to see the thrill of the Wood Lance - the Invitational event is also likely to get a few Ooohs and Ahhhs!

When:  Foam Lance Joust - Wednesday, June 22, 2:30-5pm
Wood Lance Joust - Thursday, June 23, 2-5pm

Equestrian Pavillion

    ALL THE THINGS are happening .... at 50 Year!  

Be part of the Celebration!

What's New?

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Website Updates
UPDATES!        June 14
 The following are the latest updates to this site:

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Heavy Fighting:  Added Events and Classes

Older updates can now be found on the Update Archive page.
PRE Registration & Advanced Payment is closed...

However, you can still register online...but not pay

Credit card and cash will now be accepted at the door. "At Door" fees will apply. 3 ATM's are available on site.

Registration is still OPEN .....though payment will now need to be made at the door at check in.

PRE Registration is CLOSED… land allotments will be available shortly!  Those that pre-registered ensured enough space for their groups, will have an easier check in when they get here, avoided the $10 at the door fee, and helped the event better plan for facilities.  

What happens after May 29th?  You can still come of course!  And, you can even help shorten your wait by adding your information on line, but you will pay the "at the door" fee, and unless camping space has already been arranged or you are camping off site, you will not have a pre-arranged location for camping. Don't fret, however...there is plenty of space for everyone!

For GENERAL registration, go to:  REGISTRATION
What's Nearby?
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What's Happening?
There will be an abundance of things to do at 50 Year...all dedicated to making this a spectacular and memorable event.  

Performances ~ There are various stages and areas where Performers will be entertaining - come and see their shows!

A&S Activities ~  
Check out the daily activities!  The schedule is updated with more information.  

Martial Activities ~
Follow the sounds of combat!  Many Heavy and Rapier activities will be going on in the open field right near the Promenade!

Merchants ~
From around the Known World...wander through the Promenade and the covered and eat to your heart's content.
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