SCA 50th Anniversary
June 17 - 27, 2016
Danville, IN   USA
  • Equestrian
  • Hawks and Hounds
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons
  • Tournaments
  • The Finest Arts
  • The Best of Classes
Welcome to the SCA 50 Year Celebration !
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SCA 50 year is upon us!  What started out as a backyard party in 1966 has grown into an international organization with over 30,000 members, and perhaps that many more non-member participants.  In celebration of the 50 years of living history, the Society for Creative Anachronism will be hosting a 50 Year Celebration in Danville, Indiana, June 17-27, 2016. The coming 50 Year Celebration is hosted by the SCA for the come and share what we know and enjoy with our brothers and sisters from across the Known World. This is a Society wide event, sponsored by and for YOU!

Society Historical Displays

The History of the SCA is rich with elements that engage all of the senses.  You smell the aromas of a scrumptuous feast, feel the fine silk of a costume, hear the din of battle, see the colorful illuminations, or taste a finely brewed beverage.  That is something of the Society that we hold dear and never wish to let go.  And now?  Now, we get to enjoy a full view of what has come before.... 50 Years of SCA History!  The History & Display Hall will have a variety of  amazing works from across the Known World.  So, come meander through the last 50 years of our bygone times and be amazed by what we have done....
These are examples of just a few of the exciting and memorable displays that will be at 50 Year:
  • A Memorial Shield Wall to remember those we have lost
  • Recorded Oral Histories of individual SCA members' experiences  
  • The Evolution of SCA Armor
  • Historic Scroll exhibitions
  • The 50 Year Tapestry
More information on Historical displays and activities is located on the History Page.

SCA Founders

Ever wonder who helped start this whole medieval group we've spent our lives enjoying?  Well, SCA 50 Year is elated to make known that there will be a few of those who were at the first events.  Not only will there be the Historical Displays noted above, but we will have the opportunity to talk to the Founders, and understand the who, what, when and where of it all!

Henrik and Fulk

Which Founders will be attending so far?
  • Countess Diana Listmaker     
  • Duke Frederick of Holland     
  • Duke Henrik of Havn               
  • Sir Steffan de Lorraine

On being asked about her memory of the fist event, Countess Diana noted in part ...

"The moment, sitting around the fire afterward, when I heard people discussing what they were going to do 'next' time, and realized that my one-off might have consequences."

More information on the Founders and activities surrounding their atttendance is located on the Founders Page.

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